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Exam Introduction to Cisco Sales
Number 700-150
File Name Introduction to Cisco Sales.PremDumps.700-150.2019-05-10.1e.60q.vcex
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Posted May 10, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Cisco Trust - Sec software-defined segmentation is simpler to enable than VLAN-based segmentation. Which of the following is not a feature of Trust Sec?

  • A: Diversified compliance
  • B: Apply policies across the network
  • C: Lower operational expenses
  • D: Reduce risks

Question 2
AMP for endpoints decreases time to detection. What is Cisco's security time to detection?

  • A: 8 hours or less
  • B: 7 hours or less
  • C: 10 hours or less
  • D: 6 hours or less

Question 3
The Cisco enterprise routing portfolio delivers an uncompromised experience across which 4 areas?

  • A: Cloud, Branch, WAN and Firewalls
  • B: Cloud, LAN, WAN and Data Centre
  • C: Branch, Cloud, Data Centre and WAN
  • D: Data Centre, Cloud, Branch and LAN

Question 4
What does Cisco call the intelligent, closed-loop, and self-optimizing system built on Cisco DNA?

  • A: The Assured Network
  • B: The Automated Network
  • C: The Encryption Initiative
  • D: The Network Intuitive

Question 5
Cisco converged infrastructure simplifies and speeds up infrastructure deployment with integrated and hyperconverged systems. Which of the following is not one of the solutions?

  • A: FlashStack
  • B: Hyperflex systems
  • C: VirtualStack
  • D: FlexPod

Question 6
Cisco DNA Analytics and Assurance allow users to automate network performance management in all of the following ways. Which is not true?

  • A: Simplify management
  • B: Gain network visibility
  • C: Save time, solve problems
  • D: Turn insights into

Question 7
Cisco has endpoints that are designed to improve collaboration and address the widest range of use cases. Which of the following is not an endpoint?

  • A: Phones and Desktop endpoints
  • B: Video End Point Applications
  • C: Room and Immersive Systems
  • D: Mobile End Point Applications

Question 8
Cisco is positioning itself to recognize greater value and superior differentiation and deliver better business outcomes for its customers. Which of the following statements is not true?

  • A: They aim to price models in a more user-centric approach
  • B: They aim to provide flexible approaches to service offerings
  • C: They aim to provide more solution-based offerings
  • D: They aim to adopt personalized offerings to their customers

Question 9
Cisco's software defined access allows customers to get network speed, security and peace of mind. Which of them is not one of the capabilities?

  • A: Secure from evolving threats
  • B: Limits the network access
  • C: Prepare for loT growth
  • D: Adapt to mobile demands

Question 10
Cisco Catalyst 9000 is built for SD access. Which of the following are the features?

  • A: Fixed access, future-proofed and mobility
  • B: Convergence, fixed core and first in enterprise
  • C: Future-proofed, industry's unmatched and first in enterprise
  • D: Fixed access, industry's unmatched and first in enterprise


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