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Exam Introduction to Cisco Sales
Number 700-150
File Name Introduction to Cisco Sales.CertDumps.700-150.2019-08-01.1e.61q.vcex
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Posted August 01, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
In terms of SMART Business outcomes, what does the "S” stands for?

  • A: Specific
  • B: Strategic
  • C: Short
  • D: Structured

Question 2
Cisco offers customer care solutions for contact centers. Which option is not correct?

  • A: Cisco Outbound Option
  • B: Cisco Unified call studio
  • C: Cisco Inbound Option
  • D: Cisco Remote Expert Mobile

Question 3
What is the Cisco Telepresence 1X5200?

  • A: a state-of-the-art triple screen solution featuring a dual row of seats for up to 18 people
  • B: an intelligent dual-camera speaker tracking solution with two LED screens
  • C: an advanced all-in-one desktop collaboration solution featuring high-definition video
  • D: a filexible videoconferencing solution designed for small huddle spaces

Question 4
How is creating and capturing business value achieved by Cisco?

  • A: measuring the efforts of every team in delivering on their promises
  • B: delving into the mam issues faced by customers and gelling feedback from previous work done
  • C: strategizing with the sales team on how to empower their sales personnel in attaining business goals
  • D: determining the business priorities, business capabilities, and business solutions that enable the customer-defined outcomes

Question 5
What tool helps the Cisco Business Architect to gain and leverage their knowledge of the customer's business?

  • A: Customer Requirement Map
  • B: Business Model Canvas
  • C: Solution Architecture Design Map
  • D: Collaborative Business Model

Question 6
Which networks benefit from the consistent enforcement policies enabled by Cisco's approach to security?

  • A: physical, virtual, and cloud networks only
  • B: physical and cloud networks only
  • C: physical networks only
  • D: physical, virtual, remote, and cloud networks

Question 7
Which term describes the capability to correlate security information and apply intelligence in order to understand context?

  • A: depth
  • B: integration
  • C: breadth
  • D: sophistication

Question 8
Which is a key benefit of Cisco UCS?

  • A: integrated third-party applications
  • B: unified network fabric
  • C: distributed infrastructure management
  • D: hardware-centric design

Question 9
Which of the following is a key feature of Cisco Data Center?

  • A: software-defined segmentation
  • B: quick mitigation of threats that breach defences
  • C: hyperconvergence for databases
  • D: seamless multicloud mobility

Question 10
Which of the following could be considered a business outcome'?

  • A: respect employees, customers, and suppliers
  • B: implements direct-to-customer experience by the end of FY 2021
  • C: customer experience/innovation/fulfillment
  • D: to nounsh people and the planet


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