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Exam Advanced Collaboration Architecture Sales Specialist
Number 700-037
File Name Advanced Collaboration Architecture Sales Specialist.train4sure.700-037.2019-09-02.1e.50q.vcex
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Posted September 02, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which three options are ways that customers benefit from the Cisco Technology Developer Program? (Choose three.)

  • A: Complete access to Cisco technologies and support resources
  • B: Faster, more successful deployments
  • C: Display the Cisco Compatible logo in association with their product offering
  • D: Exponentially expands the number and quality of rich, new business solutions
  • E: Opportunity to participate in Cisco research and development to develop next-generation Cisco Collaboration solutions

Question 2
In which deployment model does the service provider host dedicated equipment within its network operations center for a predictable monthly cost?

  • A: Managed customer-premises
  • B: Equipment services
  • C: Fully hosted unified communications
  • D: Advanced services mode
  • E: Hybrid or blended model

Question 3
Which collaborative quoting platform gives an account manager the autonomy to make deals and quote decisions from within a single workspace?

  • A: Cisco Partner Central
  • B: Cisco Commerce Workspace
  • C: Cisco Unified Communications Business Advisor
  • D: Cisco Smart Business Roadmap

Question 4
Which three options are important selling points for Cisco against Microsoft? (Choose three.)

  • A: Cisco better enables for mobility and deskless workers.
  • B: Cisco is well respected and is the only serious choice in collaboration.
  • C: Cisco Unified Presence can be integrated with Microsoft Office Communicator and Microsoft Lync.
  • D: Cisco has the maturity both in technology development and empirical deployment to scale to the requirements of large enterprises.
  • E: Cisco routers represent a competitive edge in remote offices.
  • F: Cisco provides unparalleled value to the managed service provider.

Question 5
Which option is an application in the Cisco IOS Software that provides call processing for as few as 15 and as many as 450 Cisco Unified IP Phones?

  • A: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
  • B: Cisco Unified Computing System
  • C: Cisco Integrated Media Engine
  • D: Cisco Emergency Responder

Question 6
Which option aligns licensing to these three key role-based licenses: Power User, Information Work, and Officer Worker?

  • A: Right-to-Use Licenses
  • B: Cisco Unity Connection 9. 0 Licensing
  • C: Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing
  • D: Device License Units

Question 7
Which three statements about Cisco Unified Communications Manager are true? (Choose three.)

  • A: It supports the full range of collaboration services only on Cisco devices
  • B: It supports the full range of collaboration services on Cisco and third-party devices.
  • C: It is used only to support voice routing and calling
  • D: It replaces the analog technology of PBX with a centralized IP-based communications infrastructure.
  • E: It is at the center of the Cisco collaboration architecture.
  • F: It combines the analog technology of PBX with a centralized IP-based communications infrastructure.

Question 8
You are discussing Cisco Collaboration Architecture with the IT manager of an organization 
Which three statements are effective responses that relate to the IT manager's concerns'? (Choose three.)

  • A: Improved collaboration tools improve the end-user experience and will make the IT manager more popular.
  • B: Initial costs may be higher, but comparing the Total Cost of Ownership over a five-year period will show that the Cisco product is less expensive.
  • C: A centralized Collaboration Architecture deployment will ease management and save money.
  • D: A fully-deployed Collaboration Architecture supports efficient training in a variety of ways
  • E: The Collaboration Architecture, by design, ensures the highest availability.
  • F: Collaboration tools improve upon ways in which corporations can enforce employee accountability.

Question 9
Which statement is an important selling point for Cisco against Avaya?

  • A: Cisco is well respected and is the proven leader in collaboration.
  • B: Cisco supports deskless workers
  • C: Cisco can offer a complete end-to-end solution
  • D: Cisco has acquired more than 100 innovative companies.

Question 10
Which three roles belong to an informal buying center that the account manager must be aware of? (Choose three)

  • A: Gatekeeper
  • B: Partner
  • C: Initiator
  • D: Seller
  • E: Buyer
  • F: Dealer


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