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Exam LCSAWLAN - Lifecycle Services for Advanced Wireless LAN
Number 650-621
File Name LCSAWLAN -Lifecycle Services for Advanced Wireless LAN.testkings.650-621.2019-02-23.1e.172q.vcex
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Posted February 23, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which wireless service component within the prepare phase creates a business case that provides both business and financial justification for a customer to use in evaluating adoption of a WLAN system?

  • A: Account Planning
  • B: Customer Education
  • C: Business Case Development
  • D: Business Requirements Development
  • E: Proposal Development

Question 2
Select the wireless service component in the implement phase in which operations responsibilities are defined and transferred to the operate phase team.

  • A: Staff Training
  • B: Detailed Design Development
  • C: staging and System Migration
  • D: Ongoing Support Handoff Meeting

Question 3
Which wireless service component is associated with maintaining historical and current information about the WLAN solution?

  • A: Configuration Management
  • B: Change Management
  • C: Acceptance Test Plan
  • D: Incident Management

Question 4
The Cisco Lifecycle Services approach for wireless solutions provides a framework for which of the following opportunities?

  • A: customers determining a competitor's strategy for adopting advanced technologies
  • B: customers defining the correct strategy for advanced technology adoption
  • C: partners having a discussion with customers about the minimum service components needed to successfully deploy a wireless solution
  • D: partners choosing the right products for their customers
  • E: customers choosing the right products for their network

Question 5
Select two activities that are included in the wireless detailed design development service component in the design phase. (Choose two.)

  • A: Design WLAN Infrastructure
  • B: Perform Detailed Analysis for Intrusion Prevention System
  • C: Present Low-Level Design to Customer
  • D: Create Detailed Staff Training Matrix
  • E: Develop Detailed Design for Intrusion Prevention System

Question 6
Which wireless service component within the prepare phase identifies activities such as set solution goals, select business drives, and establish success criteria?

  • A: High-Level Design Development
  • B: Proof of Concept
  • C: Technology Strategy Development
  • D: Business Requirements Development

Question 7
Which three wireless service components belong to the operate phase? (Choose three.)

  • A: Incident Management
  • B: Operations Implementation
  • C: Operations Assessment
  • D: Operations Plan
  • E: System Monitoring
  • F: Security Administration

Question 8
Which three of the following service components are included in the WLAN optimize phase? (Choose three.)

  • A: Security Administration
  • B: Operations Readiness Assessment
  • C: Change Management
  • D: Security Assessment
  • E: Technology Assessment
  • F: Operations Assessment

Question 9
Which definition best describes the staff training service component within the wireless implement phase?

  • A: develops a training plan and delivers via a custom workshop or e-learning
  • B: helps improve the performance and functionality of the infrastructure operations and network management system.
  • C: Provides a step-by-step plan detailing the installation and service-commission requirement tasks to be staged in a controlled implementation environment that emulates a customer network.
  • D: reduces the risk of downtime caused by facilities-related problems

Question 10
Select two activities that from part of the wireless migration plan development service component in the wireless design phase. (Choose two.)

  • A: Define Migration Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • B: Create Detailed Staff Training Matrix
  • C: Verify Migration Address and Available Stops
  • D: Gather and Verify Migration Requirements
  • E: Collect and Verify Site Specific Implementation Requirements
  • F: Confirm Project and Milestone Dates


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