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Exam LCSAWLAN - Lifecycle Services for Advanced Wireless LAN
Number 650-621
File Name Cisco.CertDumps.650-621.2018-06-05.1e.95q.vcex
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Posted June 05, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Identify customer support model for WLAN solution is an activity of which service component in the plan phase?

  • A: WLAN Location-Based Services Assessment
  • B: Operations Readiness Assessment
  • C: Planning Project Kickoff (Deployment Project Management)
  • D: System Requirements Validation

Question 2
The activity of identifying the customers support model for WLAN is part of which service component in the plan phase?

  • A: Account Planning
  • B: Proposal Delivery
  • C: Site Readiness assessment
  • D: Operations Readiness Assessment

Question 3
Which three of the following activities occur in the problem management service component of the wireless operate phase? (Choose three.)

  • A: Provide Hardware and Software Support to Resolve Incidents
  • B: Classify Groups of Known Incidents as Problems
  • C: Track Events and Report on System Availability, Resource Capacity, and Performance
  • D: Document Issues Encountered During Software Upgrade and Methods Used to Resolve Issues
  • E: Recover from Incident Outage
  • F: Conduct Post-Change Evaluations

Question 4
Which service component within the prepare phase provides a technology-focused and/or business-focused demonstration of the wireless technology solution to highlight the features and benefits?

  • A: Proof of Concept
  • B: High-Level Design Development
  • C: Proposal Delivery
  • D: Customer Education
  • E: Technology Strategy Development

Question 5
Which WLAN service component within the prepare phase assesses the customers' business and technical requirements and includes a solution value assessment?

  • A: Business Case Development
  • B: Technology Strategy Development
  • C: High-Level Design Development
  • D: Business Requirements Development

Question 6
Which two service components are performed during the wireless implement phase? (Choose two.)

  • A: Configuration Management
  • B: Site Readiness Specification
  • C: Wireless Readiness Assessment
  • D: Project Planning
  • E: Systems Acceptance Testing

Question 7
Select the two activities that form part of the wireless implementation plan development service component in the wireless design phase. (Choose two.)

  • A: Create Site Specific Network Implementation Plan
  • B: Create Detailed Staff Training Matrix
  • C: Discuss Project Roles and Responsibilities
  • D: Confirm Project and Milestone Dates
  • E: Collect and Verify Site Specific Implementation Requirements

Question 8
Analyzing the customer's WLAN design including interference and signal strength, and recommending design changes to accommodate a voice over WLAN system, are activities associated with which service component in the plan phase?

  • A: Voice over WLAN Assessment
  • B: Operations Readiness Assessment
  • C: WLAN Wired Network Integration Assessment
  • D: Security Architecture Assessment
  • E: Service Assurance

Question 9
Which service component standardizes methods and procedures for authorizing, documenting, and performing changes to an enterprise WLAN system?

  • A: Operations Setup
  • B: Project Management
  • C: Change Management
  • D: Operations Assessment

Question 10
In the operate phase, providing and maintaining reliable, current information about the WLAN system hardware, software, and applications pertinent to the system’s individual components and attributes is part of which service component?

  • A: Incident Management
  • B: Problem Management
  • C: Configuration Management
  • D: Change Management


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