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Exam Authorized Connected Grid Account Manager Knowledge Verification Exam
Number 650-128
File Name Cisco.Pass4sure.650-128.2015-03-27.1e.21q.vcex
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Posted March 27, 2015
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of these trends is the main driver toward smart grid technology?

  • A: increased supply, which requires the integration of distributed generation sources
  • B: reduced demand, which causes an increase in demand and peak load
  • C: compliance with regulations involving government funding and rules
  • D: increased carbon footprint

Question 2
How many levels or types of priority can be assigned on a Cisco TAC case?

  • A: 1
  • B: 2
  • C: 4
  • D: 3

Question 3
Which statement reflects the overall Cisco Smart Grid vision?

  • A: Sell the existing Cisco IP-based products from end-to-end of our utility customer's smart grid deployments.
  • B: Design and architect an end-to-end communications infrastructure that is integrated with the power grid.
  • C: Integrate intelligent routing protocols into existing electrical grids.
  • D: Create a single infrastructure for unified communications from electrical generation plants to all primary and secondary substations.

Question 4
Which of these is a grouping of elements that are part of the Cisco Substation Automation solution?

  • A: multi service communications networks
  • B: protection and control, auto meter reading, data analysis
  • C: protection and control, grid monitoring, multi service communications networks data center and customer call centers
  • D: customer call centers, electrical auto recharging, home energy management

Question 5
Which of these is part of mission critical substation communications (Operation Data)?

  • A: physical security alarm
  • B: workstation email
  • C: physical access (deny access)
  • D: fault detection and restoration

Question 6
Which part of the sales cycle is not supported by the Smart Grid PDI Help Desk?

  • A: operation
  • B: implementation
  • C: design
  • D: planning

Question 7
Why is IEC 61850 important within the energy / utility industry?

  • A: a new routing protocol for electricity
  • B: the latest Cisco product for connected grid security
  • C: a law recently passed in the United States
  • D: define industry standard for design of electrical substations

Question 8
Which three of these methods can be used to open a Cisco TAC case? (Choose three.) 

  • A: using the U.S. Postal Service
  • B: email
  • C: using
  • D: by fax
  • E: phone

Question 9
Following is NOT atypical business driver for upgrading Substation communications networks?

  • A: overall grid reliability
  • B: industry regulation and standards compliance
  • C: generating new revenues for the utility reducing operational expenses

Question 10
Which two can use the Smart Grid PDI Help Desk? (Choose two.)

  • A: internal Cisco sales team members
  • B: anyone with a CCO ID
  • C: trained employees from our Connected Grid Partner
  • D: everyone
  • E: all Gold partners


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