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Exam LCSARS - Lifecycle Services Advanced Routing and Switching
Number 650-059
File Name Cisco.PrepKing.650-059.2012-08-10.1e.212q.vcex
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Posted August 10, 2012
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Demo Questions

Question 1
In which service component of the prepare phase would you identify factors such as solution goals, business drivers, and success criteria?

  • A: High-Level Design Development
  • B: Technology Strategy Development
  • C: Proof of Concept
  • D: Business Requirements Development

Question 2
In which service component in the design phase would you provide a site-specific system implementation plan which defines the activities, configurations, and commissioning test plans required to implement routing and switching solution components and software?

  • A: Detailed Design Development
  • B: Systems Acceptance Test Plan Development
  • C: Project Kick-off
  • D: Implementation Plan Development
  • E: Staging Plan Development

Question 3
Which two service components are performed during the implement phase? (Choose two.)

  • A: Phased Implementation
  • B: Configuration Management
  • C: Site Readiness Specification
  • D: Staging
  • E: Security Readiness Assessment

Question 4
Which of these best describes the actions you would take during the technology strategy development service component?

  • A: Analyze the customer's business requirements and recommend the appropriate technologies to meet those business requirements.
  • B: Address the customer's physical site requirements.
  • C: Identify the customer's business requirements for the proposed solution.
  • D: Determine the appropriate end user training needed for the technology solution.

Question 5
Which service component in the implement phase includes activities such as verifying that the customer understands the operational processes and its post-sales support responsibilities?

  • A: Post-Implementation Support Handoff Meeting
  • B: Project Planning
  • C: Develop escalation process
  • D: Update leading practices

Question 6
Utilizing a trouble ticketing system to track problems is a part of which service component in the operate phase?

  • A: Operations Setup
  • B: Change Management
  • C: Problem Management
  • D: Systems Monitoring

Question 7
What is the primary objective of performing a network readiness assessment in the plan phase?

  • A: align business requirements to technical requirements
  • B: assess the current network infrastructure's ability to adequately support the new solution and identify new requirements
  • C: create a plan to recycle used equipment
  • D: install and test system components in a non-production environment

Question 8
In which service component of the prepare phase would you provide a technology-focused, business-focused, or technology- and business-focused demonstration of the technology solution to highlight the features and benefits?

  • A: Technology Strategy Development
  • B: Deliver Proposal
  • C: Proof of Concept
  • D: High-Level Design Development
  • E: Customer Education

Question 9
In which service component would you notify all project participants of their specific responsibilities during the planning phase of the project?

  • A: Proposal Delivery
  • B: Account Planning
  • C: Planning Project Kickoff
  • D: Site Readiness Assessment

Question 10
Define procedures to manage access to all systems is an activity that is part of which service component in the operate phase?

  • A: Security Administration
  • B: Service Review
  • C: Problem Management
  • D: Systems Monitoring


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