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Exam Video infrastructure implementation
Number 500-710
File Name Cisco Video Infrastructure Implementation.real-exams.500-710.2018-08-22.1e.41q.vcex
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Posted August 22, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An engineer notices that TMS Conference Control Center is not displaying the interface on a scheduler’s computer, but it operates properly on the administrator’s computer. 
Which cause is the most likely?

  • A: The server domain of the scheduler’s computer must be properly configured.
  • B: .NET or IIS is not set up on the scheduler’s computer
  • C: The network has a port blockage
  • D: Java must be properly updated and configured on the scheduler’s computer

Question 2
What is the maximum network latency allowed between peers in a cluster?

  • A: 300 ms total
  • B: 100 ms one way
  • C: 150 ms one-way
  • D: 30 ms total

Question 3
Which two administrative functions can a Cisco Spark Partner reseller perform from the Cisco Spark Management portal? (Choose two.)

  • A: Help to manage the customers’ accounts
  • B: Determine role-based access and view usage reports
  • C: Determine Single Sign-On customer usage reports
  • D: Quickly start customer trials
  • E: Enable Single Sign-On and Directory sync through corporate LDAP services on-premises

Question 4
Which two statements about subzones are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: Subzones are used for bandwidth and authentication control of a logical grouping of endpoints within the registration list of the Expressway
  • B: Endpoints require the use of other endpoints for authentication
  • C: Subzones are used for routing calls to peers in other parts of the network
  • D: Subzones require the use of endpoint authentication
  • E: Endpoints are assigned to a particular subzone by their alias or IP subnet

Question 5
Which option is a method for controlling bandwidth within a subzone?

  • A: interoperability
  • B: do not disturb
  • C: authentication
  • D: federation

Question 6
Which protocol is used to communicate codec capabilities and Real-Time Transport Protocol ports?

  • A: H.460
  • B: Session Description Protocol
  • C: Real-Time Transport Control Protocol
  • D: Assent

Question 7
Which troubleshooting toll does an engineer use to determine possible reasons for a call failing to set up?

  • A: calls log
  • B: registration log
  • C: event log
  • D: search history log

Question 8
Which SIP message is sent from the called endpoint after the call request is accepted?

  • A: “Hello”
  • B: “Connect”
  • C: “200 OK”
  • D: “404 OK”

Question 9
When you write a new app in Tropo, in which format must the app scripts be saved?

  • A: .wav
  • B: .js
  • C: .mp4
  • D: .json
  • E: .xml

Question 10
Which two methods can be used in TMS to schedule conferences? (Choose two.)

  • A: Monitoring> Conference Control Center
  • B: Booking> New Conference
  • C: Scheduling > New Conference
  • D: Administrative Tools > Configuration > Conference Settings
  • E: Reporting > Conferences


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