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Exam Advanced Security Architecture for Systems Engineers
Number 500-651
File Name Cisco.braindumps.500-651.2018-06-14.1e.40q.vcex
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Posted June 14, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which three options are attack vectors protected by Web Security? (Choose three)

  • A: Endpoints
  • B: Mobile
  • C: Offline Devices
  • D: Backups
  • E: Voicemail
  • F: Web

Question 2
Which Cisco product included in the Endpoint threat-centric solution?

  • A: Umbrella
  • B: ASAv
  • C: Meraki MX
  • D: Cloudlock

Question 3
Which two Cisco products are a part of the "endpoints" threat-centric solution module? (Choose two)

  • A: Cisco Umbrella
  • B: Cisco Defense Orchestrator
  • C: Cisco VPN 3000
  • D: Cisco Stealthwatch
  • E: Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Question 4
Which is a Cisco solution features retrospective security?

  • A: AMP for Endpoint
  • B: Cisco Defense Orchestrator
  • C: Umbrella
  • D: Investigate

Question 5
Which is a key feature of Cisco Defense Orchestra?

  • A: Orchestrates security policy management form one place
  • B: Consolidates configuration management
  • C: Protects customers network against zero-day attacks
  • D: Profiles devices connected to customer's network

Question 6
Which AMP feature is provided by fuzzy fingerprinting?

  • A: Identifies specific instances of malware with a signature-based approach
  • B: Automatically detects polymorphic variants of known malware
  • C: Provides recursive DNS lookup services
  • D: Identifies new malware using statistical modeling and analytics engines

Question 7
Which feature of Cisco AnyConnect allows pre-login authentication using windows machines, or single sign-on user authentication using Windows logon credentials?

  • A: Secure Layer 2 Network Access
  • B: Flexible AAA Options
  • C: Differentiated Mobile Access
  • D: Trusted Network Detection

Question 8
Which are two main features of Advanced Malware Protection? (Choose two)

  • A: Leverages Global Threat Intelligence to provide zero-day protection
  • B: Threat protection across the entire attack continuum
  • C: User and Entity Behavior Analytics
  • D: Rapid App Containment

Question 9
What is a main benefit of Cisco's Cloudlock Data Loss Prevention feature?

  • A: Reduces cost with easy implementation and installation
  • B: Provides in depth cloud app analytics and tracking
  • C: Allow organizations to retroactively identify malware within their environment
  • D: Includes 70+ out of the box policies for enforcement, such as PCI, HIPAA, etc

Question 10
How does AMP's device trajectory capabilities help address customer s issues?

  • A: It determines the scope and cause of an outbreak and tracks suspicious files
  • B: It searches for potential threats based on identified activities and behaviors
  • C: It isolates suspicious files and runs them in a sandbox environment to determine their authenticity
  • D: It analyses the data from suspicious files to provide a new level of threat intelligence


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