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Exam Cisco Networking - On-Premise and Cloud Solutions
Number 500-551
File Name Cisco.PracticeDumps.500-551.2018-02-23.1e.40q.vcex
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Posted February 23, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two benefits that the Cisco Meraki MV platform gains from leveraging the cloud and edge architecture are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: All recorded video footage is stored in the Cisco Meraki cloud servers for long-term archiving.
  • B: Integration with other cloud-based physical security and access control systems is enabled.
  • C: Instant video playback is within the Cisco Meraki dashboard with zoom-and-enhance availability.
  • D: Granular, role-based access can be configured and quickly shared with third parties (such as, law/emergency responders).
  • E: No dependencies on a Network Video Recorder system reduces complexity and OPEX/CAPEX.

Question 2
Which technology is used by Cisco Stealthwatch to collect traffic for threat analysis?

  • A: sFlow
  • B: NetFlow
  • C: SNMP
  • D: RMON

Question 3
Of which type of Cisco switching solution is the Cisco 2960L series switch an example?

  • A: business-class on-premises
  • B: cloud-manged
  • C: enterprise-class on-premises
  • D: enterprise-class off-premises

Question 4
Why is a Cisco Meraki dashboard demo such a core and pivotal part of the customer engagement process?

  • A: It allows customers to see the ease of use and elegant design of the dashboard that leaves them wanting to learn more.
  • B: It grants the presenter a chance to perform a feature parity comparison with any competing vendors.
  • C: Customers can explore and interact with the interface at their own pace through the specialist-guided demo experience.
  • D: It educates and trains the customer to be confident in setting up and managing their own instance of dashboard at the conclusion of the demo.

Question 5
Which two products are considered a part of the Cisco Meraki full stack? (Choose two.)

  • A: Aironet wireless access points
  • B: Catalyst switches
  • C: MR wireless access points
  • D: UCS servers
  • E: MX security appliances

Question 6
Which two statements about the threat landscape of today's networks are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: The use of cloud services is creating definitive security perimeters.
  • B: An increase use of Direct Internet Access leads to more VPN connections.
  • C: Attackers are now well-financed and extremely patient.
  • D: Threat actors are now nation states and organized crime syndicates.
  • E: Victims of security attacks are random, violated by generic attacks.

Question 7
In which four areas does Cisco Smart Net Total Care provide support? (Choose four.)

  • A: product lifecycle management
  • B: customer opportunity development
  • C: sales support management
  • D: technical services and incident management
  • E: customer service management
  • F: security and product alerts
  • G: service coverage management

Question 8
Where do Cisco Meraki customers go to open and manage ongoing support cases?

  • A: through the Cisco Meraki support email alias (helpdesk)
  • B: Cisco Meraki portal within
  • C: help section within the Cisco Meraki dashboard
  • D: Cisco TAC Service Request System

Question 9
Which two feature licenses (subscriptions) are available for the MX security appliances? (Choose two.)

  • A: Advanced Security
  • B: Essential
  • C: Defended
  • D: Comprehensive
  • E: Enterprise

Question 10
Which product is a Cisco cloud-managed product?

  • A: Cisco Prime infrastructure
  • B: Cisco Aironet wireless access point
  • C: Cisco Meraki MS series switch
  • D: Cisco ISR series router


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