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Exam Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENDESIGN)
Number 500-490
File Name Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENDESIGN).real-exams.500-490.2019-02-21.1e.35q.vcex
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Posted February 21, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which component of the SD-Access fabric is responsible for communicating with networks that are external to the fabric?

  • A: edge nodes
  • B: control plane nodes
  • C: intermediate nodes
  • D: border nodes

Question 2
Which protocol runs between the vSmart controllers and between the vSmart controllers and the vEdge routers, and unifies all control plane functions under a single protocol umbrella?

  • A: BGP
  • B: OSPF
  • C: IKE
  • D: OMP
  • E: VRRP

Question 3
Which two statements regarding Cisco SD-WAN vEdge routers can mitigate DoS attacks against the infrastructure? (Choose two.)

  • A: Open Certificate Authority and automated enrollment feature.
  • B: By default, all incoming traffic is denied at the transport (WAN) side interfaces.
  • C: Only authorized controllers are allowed to communicate back to the vEdge router after the vEdge router establishes connections with the controllers.
  • D: In case of direct Internet access, the only traffic allowed back is the traffic matching the state table entries on the vEdge router.
  • E: The vEdge routers run on hardened Linux operating systems.

Question 4
Which two activities should occur during an SE’s discovery process? (Choose two.)

  • A: Establishing credibility with the customer
  • B: Working with the customer to develop a reference architecture
  • C: Referencing the PPDIOO model to effectively facilitate the discussion
  • D: Gathering information about the current state of the customer’s network environment
  • E: Mapping Cisco innovation to customer’s needs

Question 5
What are the three foundational elements required for the new operational paradigm? (Choose three.)

  • A: centralization
  • B: assurance
  • C: application QoS
  • D: multiple technologies at multiple OSI layers
  • E: policy-based automated provisioning of network
  • F: fabric

Question 6
Which two statements are true regarding Cisco ISE? (Choose two.)

  • A: It distributed deployments, failover from primary to secondary Policy Administration Nodes happens automatically.
  • B: The number of logs that ISE can retain is determined by your disk space.
  • C: ISE supports IPv6 downloadable ACLs.
  • D: ISE can detected endpoints whose addresses have been translated via NAT.
  • E: ISE supports up to 100 Policy Services Nodes.
  • F: In two-nodes standalone ISE deployments, failover must be done manually.

Question 7
Which Cisco product were incorporated into Cisco ISE between ISE releases 2.0 and 2.3?

  • A: Cisco ASA
  • B: Cisco ESA
  • C: Cisco ACS
  • D: Cisco WSA

Question 8
Which two Cisco ISE use cases typically involve the highest level of implementation complexity? (Choose two.)

  • A: Guest and wireless access
  • B: Software-defined access
  • C: Device management
  • D: Asset visibility
  • E: Software-defined segmentation

Question 9
How would Cisco ISE handle authentication for your printer that does not have a supplicant?

  • A: ISE would not authenticate the printer as printers are not subject to ISE authentication.
  • B: ISE would authenticate the printer using 802.1X authentication.
  • C: ISE would authenticate the printer using MAB.
  • D: ISE would authenticate the printer using web authentication.
  • E: ISE would authenticate the printer using MAC RADIUS authentication.

Question 10
Which three ways are SD-Access and ACI Fabric similar? (Choose three.)

  • A: use of overlays
  • B: use of Virtual Network IDs
  • C: focus on user endpoints
  • D: use of group policy
  • E: use of Endpoint Groups
  • F: use of Scalable Group Tags


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