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Exam Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENDESIGN)
Number 500-490
File Name Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENDESIGN).actualtests.500-490.2019-09-23.1e.16q.vcex
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Posted September 23, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which component of the SD-Access fabric is responsible for communicating with networks that are external to the fabric?

  • A: edge nodes
  • B: control plane nodes
  • C: intermediate nodes
  • D: border nodes

Question 2
Which two activities should occur during an SE’s discovery process? (Choose two.)

  • A: Establishing credibility with the customer
  • B: Working with the customer to develop a reference architecture
  • C: Referencing the PPDIOO model to effectively facilitate the discussion
  • D: Gathering information about the current state of the customer’s network environment
  • E: Mapping Cisco innovation to customer’s needs

Question 3
Which is a benefit of a cloud-based SD-WAN deployment?

  • A: might be required for compliance with industry standards
  • B: controller availability never an issue
  • C: security never an issue
  • D: agility of change dependent only on your own internal IT processes
  • E: instant scale

Question 4
Which element of the Cisco SD-WAN architecture facilitates the functions of controller discovery and NAT traversal?

  • A: vBond orchestrator
  • B: vManage
  • C: vSmart controller
  • D: vEdge

Question 5
Which Cisco product supports SD-Access and specifically built to address new challenges faced by enterprises?

  • A: Nexus 7700 w/ Sup2E and M3 line cards
  • B: ISR 4221
  • C: Catalyst 9500
  • D: ASR 1000-HX
  • E: CSRv virtual router
  • F: Catalyst 6807-XL w/Sup6T and C6800 10G line cards

Question 6
Which two statements are true regarding Cisco ISE? (Choose two.)

  • A: The major business outcomes of ISE are enhanced user experience and secure VLAN segmentation.
  • B: ISE plays a critical role in SD-Access.
  • C: Without integration with any other product, ISE can track the actual physical location of a wireless endpoint as it moves.
  • D: ISE can provide data about when a specific device connected to the network.
  • E: An ISE deployment requires only a Cisco ISE network access control appliance.

Question 7
What are three ways in which Cisco ISE learns information about devices? (Choose three.)

  • A: user authentication to the ISE
  • B: SMTP agents
  • C: RPC mechanism via HTTPS
  • D: traffic generated by the device
  • E: network servers the device has accessed
  • F: RADIUS attributes

Question 8
Which two statements describes Cisco SD-Access? (Choose two.)

  • A: programmable overlays enabling network virtualization across the campus
  • B: an automated encryption/decryption engine for highly secured transport requirements
  • C: software-defined segmentation and policy enforcement based on user identity and group membership
  • D: a collection of tools and applications that are a combination of loose and tight coupling
  • E: an overlay for the wired infrastructure in which traffic is tunneled via a GRE tunnel to a mobility controller for policy and application visibility

Question 9
What should you do if you are looking at a strategic win with a customer and the customer wants to examine Cisco ISE for longer than a few weeks?

  • A: Give them some of our flash files that can be played on any browser.
  • B: Set them up with an account on a Cisco UCS server that hosts ISE.
  • C: Set them up with a dCloud account.
  • D: Give them our ISE YouTube videos.
  • E: Provide them with a downloadable POV kit.
  • F: Point them to our dCloud demo library.

Question 10
Which are two Cisco ISE that benefits our customers? (Choose two.)

  • A: provides network access control
  • B: helps them stop and contain real-time threats
  • C: enables them to set traffic priorities across the network
  • D: helps them accelerate application deployment and delivery


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