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Exam Cisco Mobile Backhaul for Field Engineers
Number 500-240
File Name Cisco Mobile Backhaul for Field Engineers.PremDumps.500-240.2019-05-08.1e.29q.vcex
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Posted May 08, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What type of PW is the CESoPSN?

  • A: Structured and unstructured
  • B: Unstructured
  • C: Unframed
  • D: Structured

Question 2
Which type of backhaul network does the Cisco Unified RAN Backhaul use?

  • A: SONET
  • B: ATM
  • C: IP MPLS
  • D: TDM

Question 3
What is the primary reason for assigning role-based communities to routes advertised by different nodes'?

  • A: Perform policy based routing
  • B: Prevent routing loops
  • C: Reduce complexity
  • D: Route filtering

Question 4
Which technology uses two or three antennas to receive (input) the signal and two or three radios to transmit (output), plus special signal processing to improve range, reliability, and throughput?

  • A: HSPA
  • B: CDMA
  • C: LTE
  • D: MIMO

Question 5
High availability at the transport network layer is provided through the combination of what three technologies'? (Choose three)

  • A: Alternate Route
  • B: Loop-Free Alternate Fast Reroute DBGP
  • C: DHSRP
  • D: DBFD
  • E: D BGP Core and Edge Fast Reroute and Edge protection

Question 6
In how many seconds, after a failure of the primary or active paths when BGP Fast Reroutes enables alternate paths?

  • A: 5 seconds
  • B: 10 seconds
  • C: <1 second
  • D: seconds

Question 7
What are three purposes of partitioning the backhaul network into independent IGP domains? (Choose three)

  • A: to not enhance stability
  • B: to reduce the size of the routing and forwarding tables on individual routers
  • C: to ensure that reach ability is not possible between domains D to not ensure stability
  • D: faster convergence D to enhance stability

Question 8
Which two commands can you issue on an ASR920 router to view the status of a pseudowire? (Choose two)

  • A: show pw all
  • B: show pw and xconnect
  • C: show pw all detail
  • D: show xconnect all detail
  • E: show xconnect all

Question 9
If you partitioned the aggregation and RAN network layers into independent and isolated IGP domains, what will it do?

  • A: Cross domain communication will be impossible
  • B: The Core IGP will not scale
  • C: it will increase the routing complexity and routing table
  • D: it will reduce the size of the routing and forwarding tables in the RAN layer

Question 10
Match each device series on the left with its placement in a MBH network on the right (Not all options will be used).


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