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Exam Designing the FlexPod Solution (FPDESIGN)
Number 500-170
File Name Designing the FlexPod Solution (FPDESIGN).braindumps.500-170.2019-02-22.1e.50q.vcex
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Posted February 22, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is the maximum aggregate traffic available to a half-width UCS B-Series blade in a 5108 Chassis with two 2208XP Fabric Extenders, Cisco VIC 1240 adapter, and Cisco Port Expander Card for VIC 1240?

  • A: 40 Gb
  • B: 80 Gb
  • C: 120 Gb
  • D: 320 Gb

Question 2
Which four are components of Cisco UCS stateless computing? (Choose four)

  • A: Utilization of service profiles to apply parameter settings from server hardware
  • B: Elements of a server’s personality, which may be included in a service profile, include firmware versions, UUID, MAC Addresses, World Wide Names, and boot settings.
  • C: A one to one mapping of an application to a server
  • D: Boot from SAN
  • E: Every physical server in a Cisco UCS instance should remain anonymous until you associate a service profile with it
  • F: A one to one mapping to the identity information burned into the hardware (mac addresses, etc).

Question 3
Which connectivity mode for Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Server management is supported beginning with Cisco UCS Manager release version 2.1 and above?

  • A: Dual-wire Management
  • B: Single-wire Management
  • C: Quad-wire Management
  • D: Side Frame management

Question 4
Which feature is supported for virtual machines configured with Direct Path I/O using Cisco Virtual Machine Fabric Extender (VM-FEX) distributed switches?

  • A: vMotion
  • B: Record and Play
  • C: Fault tolerance
  • D: Unlimited DVS creation per Cisco UCS domain

Question 5
Which four VLANs can be configured on UCS platform? (Choose four)

  • A: 1
  • B: 199
  • C: 1001
  • D: 3968
  • E: 4001
  • F: 4047
  • G: 4090
  • H: 4096

Question 6
Which of the following is an example of a Cisco UCS high availability component?

  • A: Clustered fabric interconnects
  • B: vMotion
  • C: Live migration
  • D: Cluster shared volumes

Question 7
Which traffic through a UCS 6200 cluster can be in Active-Standby mode?

  • A: Data traffic only
  • B: FHRP
  • C: Data and management traffic
  • D: Management traffic only

Question 8
Which is true about UCS High Availability?

  • A: Support for 3 Fabric Interconnects
  • B: Dual homing IOM to Fabric Interconnects
  • C: Port Channeling within UCS system requires Fabric Interconnects and IOMs to be at least second generation.
  • D: UCSM supports vPC configuration

Question 9
Which of the following is a component of stateless computing with Cisco UCS?

  • A: Utilization of identity information burned into the hardware
  • B: Operating System boot from server local disk
  • C: Utilization of service profiles to apply SAN connectivity attributes
  • D: Treating each server as a traditional rack mount server

Question 10
Refer to the exhibit. 


The numerals in the red rectangle, what will be this servers Boot from SAN order?

  • A: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • B: 1, 3, 2, 4
  • C: Not enough information
  • D: 3, 4, 1, 2


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