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Exam CCIE Service Provider Written Exam
Number 400-201
File Name CCIE Service Provider Written Exam.test-inside.400-201.2019-04-19.1e.108q.vcex
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Posted April 19, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which Cisco IOS XR Virtualization technology provides full isolation between virtualized routing instances for extra control plane resources?

  • A: DRP
  • B: SDR
  • C: SVR
  • D: HVR

Question 2
Which are the three characteristics of SDR? (Choose three.)

  • A: The logical router has dedicated route processor.
  • B: Owner SDR can be reloaded without affecting all non-SDRs.
  • C: The fabric and system controller module are shared by all logical routers.
  • D: The logical router can share line cards.
  • E: The logical router can span across chassis.
  • F: Each logical router has a distinct fabric and system controller module.

Question 3
Which are the two advantages of Cisco IOS XR Software over Cisco IOS Software? (Choose two.)

  • A: a monolithic OS
  • B: a configuration that is grouped by interface
  • C: one-stage configuration
  • D: a two-stage configuration
  • E: a configuration that is grouped by process

Question 4
Which two options are considered nodes in Low-power Lossy Networks? (Choose two.)

  • A: routers
  • B: access points
  • C: controllers
  • D: sensors
  • E: servers

Question 5
A service provider is using Cisco ME 3400 Series Ethernet Access Switches on the access edge of Metro Ethernet POP. A customer has a requirement to connect a switch to the network and requires the ability to trunk VLANs on the uplink port into the provider network. Which port type should the engineer configure on the switch to meet the requirement while maintaining a secure success edge implementation?

  • A: UNI
  • B: ENI
  • C: NNI
  • D: access

Question 6
An engineer sees that traffic is not flowing between two line cards on a Cisco ASR 9000 Series device. To troubleshoot this issue, what should the engineer do first?

  • A: Verify whether there are errors on the EOBCs.
  • B: Verify whether there are PFM alarms on the line cards and RSPs.
  • C: Verify whether LPTS configuration is prohibiting traffic between the two line cards.
  • D: Verify whether there are alarms in the system diagnostics.

Question 7
Which standard provides insurance that the new hardware rollout plan meets certain environment design guidelines before deployment?

  • A: ITIL ®
  • B: eTOM
  • C: NEBS
  • D: COBIT
  • E: NAS

Question 8
Which statement about LDP Session Protection and LDP IGP sync is true?

  • A: Both LDP features must be used together to increase fast convergence on a MPLS LDP-enabled network.
  • B: Both LDP features cannot be used at the same time in a MPLS LDP enabled network.
  • C: LDP Session Protection re-exchanges label information when a down-up event occurs LDP-IGP sync keeps the adjacency and label information in a down-up event.
  • D: LDP-IGP sync re-exchanges label information when a down-up event occurs; LDP Session Protection keeps the adjacency and label information in a down-up event.

Question 9
A service provider engineering team must design a solution that supports end-to-end LSPs for multiple IGP domains within different AS numbers. 
According to RFC 3107, which solution achieves this goal?

  • A: LDP and BGP
  • B: BGP and send-label
  • C: RSVP and IS-IS or OSPF
  • D: RSVP and BGP
  • E: mLDP

Question 10

Refer to the exhibit. All routers are running Cisco IOS software. Which configuration is the minimum needed to correctly enable PIM Anycast RP on RP1?

  • A: ip msdp peer connected-source loopback1ip msdp originator-id loopback 1ip pim rp-address loopback 0
  • B: ip msdp peer connected-source loopback 0ip msdp originator-id loopback 0ip pim rp-address loopback 0
  • C: ip pim rp-address loopback0 anycast loopback1
  • D: ip msdp peer pim rp-address loopback 0!router bgp 10neighbor remote-as 10neighbor update-source loopback 1


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