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Exam CCIE Data Center Written Exam
Number 400-151
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Posted July 24, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which three statements are considered best practice when directly connecting converged network adapters to the fabric? (Choose three.)

  • A: Cisco Unified Fabric links must be configured as access ports and FCoE VLAN must not be configured as a native VLAN.
  • B: Separate FCoE VLANs must be used for FCoE in SAN-A and SAN-B.
  • C: If MSTP is enabled, a separate MST instance must be used for FCoE VlANs.
  • D: If the converged access switches (in the same San fabric or in the other) must be connected to each over Ethernet links for the purposes of LAN alternate pathing, then sucj links must explicitly be configured to include all FCoE VLANs. This configuration ensures to extend the scope of the Spanning TreeProtocol for FCoE VLANs to Cisco Unified Fabric and non Cisco Unified Fabric links.
  • E: Cisco UF links must be configured as spanning-tree edge ports.
  • F: A shared VLAN can be used to carry traffic for each virtual fabric in the SAN (for example, VSAN 1, VSAN 2, and so on).

Question 2
In an ACI fabric, which three types of interface are supported on border leaf switches to connect to an external router? (Choose three.)

  • A: Layer 3 interface
  • B: switch virtual interface
  • C: 10GbEinterface
  • D: subinterface with 802.1Q tagging
  • E: any interfaces that supports VXLAN encapsulation

Question 3
Which two statements about import and export route control in an ACI fabric are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: Prefixes learned from BGP L3outs cannot be filtered inbound.
  • B: Prefixes learned from OSPF/EIGRP are never permitted inbound by default.
  • C: Prefixes permitted inbound are redistributed into MP-BGP at the ingress leaf.
  • D: Export route control controls if the prefixes are redistributed from MP-BGP at the egress leaf.

Question 4
Which three editing options of Cisco UCS Director workflow are valid? (Choose three.)

  • A: Rename a workflow.
  • B: Edit tasks in the workflow.
  • C: Change an input from mandatory to optional.
  • D: Reorder inputs.
  • E: Delete inputs.

Question 5
Which IETF standard is the most efficient messaging protocol used in an IoT network?

  • A: CoAP
  • B: MQTT
  • C: SNMP
  • D: HTTP

Question 6
Which OpenStack project, whose data can be used to provide customer billing, recourse tracking, and alarming capabilities across all OpenStack core components, is a component of the telemetry project?

  • A: Ceph
  • B: Ceilometer
  • C: Heat
  • D: Trove

Question 7
Which two statements about Cisco UCS Director API access key are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: API access key is a unique security access key code that is associated with a specific Cisco UCS Director user account.
  • B: API access key isrequired for Cisco UCS Director to authenticate API requests.
  • C: API access key is a shared secret that you must configure in Cisco UCS Director to enable REST API.
  • D: API access key is unique for each API request.

Question 8
In cloud computing, which statement best describes a hybrid cloud?

  • A: a service cloud that provides compute servers to multiple tenants
  • B: a type of infrastructure as a Service cloud that provides ad hoc storage
  • C: a cloud architecture where there is a data exchange between public and private cloud offerings
  • D: a cloud architecture that combines different cloud offerings such as Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service

Question 9
Which three statements about nxapi_auth are true? (Choose three.)

  • A: Use of nxapi_auth is optional. This feature can be disabled to reduce authentication time and support large number of API calls.
  • B: After the first successful authentication, the username and password are used with the session cookie to bypass performing the full authentication process again.
  • C: Expiration time of the nxapi_auth cookie can be changed up to the maximum of 1200 seconds.
  • D: After the first successful authentication, the username and password are NOT included in subsequent NX-API requests that are sent to the device.
  • E: NX-API performs authentication through a programmable authentication module on the switch. Using cookies reduces the number of PAM authentications, which reduces the load on the PAM.
  • F: The nxapi_auth cookie expires in 600 seconds.

Question 10
Which option lists the contents of the NSH header in service function chaining?

  • A: Ethernet header, transport header, and application header
  • B: base header, service path header, and context header
  • C: network header, service header, and transport header
  • D: base header, transport header, and optional header


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