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Exam Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies
Number 350-701
File Name Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies.PrepDumps.350-701.2021-04-16.1e.71q.vcex
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Posted April 16, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is a characteristic of a bridge group in ASA Firewall transparent mode?

  • A: It includes multiple interfaces and access rules between interfaces are customizable
  • B: It is a Layer 3 segment and includes one port and customizable access rules
  • C: It allows ARP traffic with a single access rule
  • D: It has an IP address on its BVI interface and is used for management traffic

Question 2
When Cisco and other industry organizations publish and inform users of known security findings and vulnerabilities, which name is used?

  • A: Common Security Exploits
  • B: Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
  • C: Common Exploits and Vulnerabilities
  • D: Common Vulnerabilities, Exploits and Threats

Question 3
Which two fields are defined in the NetFlow flow? (Choose two)

  • A: type of service byte
  • B: class of service bits
  • C: Layer 4 protocol type
  • D: destination port
  • E: output logical interface

Question 4
What provides the ability to program and monitor networks from somewhere other than the DNAC GUI?

  • A: NetFlow
  • B: desktop client
  • C: ASDM
  • D: API

Question 5
Drag and drop the capabilities of Cisco Firepower versus Cisco AMP from the left into the appropriate category on the right.  

Question 6
An organization has two machines hosting web applications. Machine 1 is vulnerable to SQL injection while machine 2 is vulnerable to buffer overflows. 
What action would allow the attacker to gain access to machine 1 but not machine 2?

  • A: sniffing the packets between the two hosts
  • B: sending continuous pings
  • C: overflowing the buffer’s memory
  • D: inserting malicious commands into the database

Question 7
An organization is trying to improve their Defense in Depth by blocking malicious destinations prior to a connection being established. 
The solution must be able to block certain applications from being used within the network. Which product should be used to accomplish this goal?

  • A: Cisco Firepower
  • B: Cisco Umbrella
  • C: ISE
  • D: AMP

Question 8
A company is experiencing exfiltration of credit card numbers that are not being stored on-premise. 
The company needs to be able to protect sensitive data throughout the full environment.  
Which tool should be used to accomplish this goal?

  • A: Security Manager
  • B: Cloudlock
  • C: Web Security Appliance
  • D: Cisco ISE

Question 9
An engineer is trying to securely connect to a router and wants to prevent insecure algorithms from being used. 
However, the connection is failing. Which action should be taken to accomplish this goal?

  • A: Disable telnet using the no ip telnet command.
  • B: Enable the SSH server using the ip ssh server command.
  • C: Configure the port using the ip ssh port 22 command.
  • D: Generate the RSA key using the crypto key generate rsa command.

Question 10
A network administrator is using the Cisco ESA with AMP to upload files to the cloud for analysis.  
The network is congested and is affecting communication. How will the Cisco ESA handle any files which need analysis?

  • A: AMP calculates the SHA-256 fingerprint, caches it, and periodically attempts the upload.
  • B: The file is queued for upload when connectivity is restored.
  • C: The file upload is abandoned.
  • D: The ESA immediately makes another attempt to upload the file.


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