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Exam Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (SPCOR)
Number 350-501
File Name Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (SPCOR).digitaltut.350-501.2021-02-14.1e.31q.vcex
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Posted February 14, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which control plane protocol is used between Cisco SD-WAN routers and vSmart controllers?

  • A: BGP
  • B: OMP
  • C: TCP
  • D: UDP

Question 2
In a Cisco Catalyst switch equipped with two supervisor modules an administrator must temporally remove the active supervisor from the chassis to perform hardware maintenance on it.  
Which mechanism ensure that the active supervisor removal is not disruptive to the  network operation?

  • A: NSF/NSR
  • B: SSO
  • C: HSRP
  • D: VRRP

Question 3
Which router is elected the IGMP Querier when more than one router is in the same LAN segment?

  • A: The router with the shortest uptime
  • B: The router with the lowest IP address
  • C: The router with the highest IP address
  • D: The router with the longest uptime

Question 4
Refer to the exhibit.  
ip sla 10  
timeout 500  
frequency 3  
ip sla schedule 10 life forever start-time now  
track 10 ip sla 10 reachability  
The IP SLA is configured in a router. An engineer must configure an EEM applet to shut down the interface and bring it back up when there is a problem with the IP SLA. Which configuration should the engineer use?

  • A: event manager applet EEM_IP_SLA 
    event track 10 state down
  • B: event manager applet EEM_IP_SLA 
    event track 10 state unreachable
  • C: event manager applet EEM_IP_SLA 
    event sla 10 state unreachable
  • D: event manager applet EEM_IP_SLA 
    event sla 10 state down

Question 5
A network engineer is configuring Flexible NetFlow and enters these commands: 
Sampler Netflow1   
mode random one-out-of 100   
interface fastethernet 1/0   
flow-sampler netflow1  
Which are two results of implementing this feature instead of traditional NetFlow? (Choose two)

  • A: Only the flows of top 100 talkers are exported
  • B: CPU and memory utilization are reduced
  • C: The data export flow is more secure
  • D: The accuracy of the data to be analyzed is improved
  • E: The number of packets to be analyzed are reduced

Question 6
What is a benefit of using a Type 2 hypervisor instead of a Type 1 hypervisor?

  • A: ability to operate on hardware that is running other OSs
  • B: improved security because the underlying OS is eliminated
  • C: improved density and scalability
  • D: better application performance

Question 7
In a wireless Cisco SD-Access deployment, which roaming method is used when a user moves from one access point to another on a different access switch using a single WLC?

  • A: Layer 3
  • B: inter-xTR
  • C: auto anchor
  • D: fast roam

Question 8
Which DHCP option provides the CAPWAP APs with the address of the wireless controller(s)?

  • A: 43
  • B: 66
  • C: 69
  • D: 150

Question 9
An engineer must configure HSRP group 300 on a Cisco IOS router. When the router is functional, it must be the active HSRP router. The peer router has been configured using the default priority value. Which three commands are required? (Choose three)

  • A: standby 300 timers 1 110
  • B: standby 300 priority 90
  • C: standby 300 priority 110
  • D: standby version 2
  • E: standby version 1
  • F: standby 300 preempt

Question 10
In a traditional 3 tier topology, an engineer must explicitly configure a switch as the root bridge and exclude it from any further election process for the spanning-tree domain. Which action accomplishes this task?

  • A: Configure the spanning-tree priority to 32768
  • B: Configure root guard and portfast on all access switch ports
  • C: Configure BPDU guard in all switch-to-switch connections
  • D: Configure the spanning-tree priority equal to 0


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