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Exam Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (350-401 ENCOR)
Number 350-401
File Name Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies.CertDumps.350-401.2021-07-15.1e.102q.vcex
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Posted July 15, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
After a redundant route processor failure occurs on a Layer 3 device, which mechanism allows for packets to be forwarded from a neighboring router based on the most recent tables?

  • A: RPVST+
  • B: RP failover
  • C: BFD
  • D: NSF

Question 2
What is the differences between TCAM and the MAC address table?

  • A: Router prefix lookups happens in CAM. MAC address table lookups happen in TCAM
  • B: The MAC address table supports partial matches. TCAM requires an exact match
  • C: The MAC address table is contained in CAM. ACL and QoS information is stored in TCAM
  • D: TCAM is used to make Layer 2 forwarding decisions. CAM is used to build routing tables

Question 3
Which two southbound interfaces originate from Cisco DNA Center and terminate at fabric underlay switches? (Choose two)

  • A: UDP 67: DHCP
  • B: ICMP: Discovery
  • C: TCP 23: Telnet
  • D: UDP 162: SNMP
  • E: UDP 6007: NetFlow

Question 4
What is the function of a control-plane node in a Cisco SD-Access solution?

  • A: to connect APs and wireless endpoints to the SD-Access fabric
  • B: to connect external Layer 3 networks to the SD Access fabric
  • C: to implement policies and communicate with networks outside the fabric
  • D: to run a mapping system that manages endpoint to network device relationships

Question 5
Refer to the exhibit. What is the result when a switch that is running PVST+ is added to this network?  


  • A: Spanning tree is disabled automatically on the network
  • B: DSW2 operates in Rapid PVST+ and the new switch operates in PVST+
  • C: Both switches operate in the PVST+ mode
  • D: Both switches operate in the Rapid PVST+ mode

Question 6
What is a characteristic of a next-generation firewall?

  • A: required in each layer of the network
  • B: filters traffic using Layer 3 and Layer 4 information only
  • C: only required at the network perimeter
  • D: provides intrusion prevention

Question 7
Which measure is used by an NTP server to indicate its closeness to the authoritative time source?

  • A: stratum
  • B: hop count
  • C: time zone
  • D: latency

Question 8
Which two resu lts occur if Cisco DNA Center loses connectivity to devices in the SD-Access fabric? (Choose two)

  • A: All devices reload after detecting loss of connection to Cisco DNA Center
  • B: Already connected users are unaffected, but new users cannot connect
  • C: Users lose connectivity
  • D: Cisco DNA Center is unable to collect monitoring data in Assurance
  • E: User connectivity is unaffected

Question 9
Which two components are supported by LISP? (Choose two)

  • A: proxy ETR
  • B: HMAC algorithm
  • C: route reflector
  • D: egress tunnel router
  • E: spoke

Question 10
Drag and drop the virtual component from the left onto their descriptions on the right.  


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