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Exam Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (350-401 ENCOR)
Number 350-401
File Name Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (350-401 ENCOR).CertDumps.350-401.2021-03-25.1e.299q.vcex
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Posted March 25, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Drag and drop the solutions that comprise Cisco Cyber Threat Defense from the left onto the objectives they accomplish on the right.  

Question 2
What is the data policy in a Cisco SD-WAN deployment?

  • A: list of ordered statements that define node configurations and authentication used within the SD-WAN overlay
  • B: Set of statements that defines how data is forwarded based on IP packet information and specific VPNs
  • C: detailed database mapping several kinds of addresses with their corresponding location
  • D: group of services tested to guarantee devices and links liveliness within the SD-WAN overlay

Question 3
Refer to the exhibit.  

Which action resolves the EtherChannel issue between SW2 and SW3?

  • A: Configure switchport mode trunk on SW2
  • B: Configure switchport nonegotiate on SW3
  • C: Configure channel-group 1 mode desirable on both interfaces
  • D: Configure channel-group 1 mode active on both interfaces

Question 4
Refer to the exhibit.  

A network engineer configures OSPF and reviews the router configuration. Which interface or interfaces are able to establish OSPF adjacency?

  • A: GigabitEthemet0/1 and GigabitEthernet0/1.40
  • B: Gigabit Ethernet0/0 and GigabitEthemet0/1
  • C: only GigabitEthernet0/0
  • D: only GigabitEthernet0/1

Question 5
Refer to the exhibit.  

What step resolves the authentication issue?

  • A: restart the vsmart host
  • B: target in the URI
  • C: change the port to 12446
  • D: use basic authentication

Question 6
Refer to the exhibit.  

A network engineer must simplify the IPsec configuration by enabling IPsec over GRE using IPsec profiles. Which two configuration changes accomplish this? (Choose two)

  • A: Apply the crypto map to the tunnel interface and change the tunnel mode to tunnel mode ipsec ipv4
  • B: Remove all configuration related to crypto map from R1 and R2 and eliminate the ACL 100
  • C: Remove the crypto map and modify the ACL to allow traffic between to
  • D: Create an IPsec profile, associate the transform-set, and apply the profile to the tunnel interface

Question 7
Which encryption hashing algorithm does NTP use for authentication?

  • A: SSL
  • B: AES256
  • C: AES128
  • D: MD5

Question 8
What is a VPN in a Cisco SD-WAN deployment?

  • A: virtual channel used to carry control plane information
  • B: attribute to identify a set of services offered in specific places in the SD-WAN fabric
  • C: common exchange point between two different services
  • D: virtualized environment that provides traffic isolation and segmentation in the SD-WAN fabric

Question 9
Refer to the exhibit.  

Communication between London and New York is down. Which command set must be applied to resolve this issue?  

  • A: Option A
  • B: Option B
  • C: Option C
  • D: Option D

Question 10
What is an emulated machine that has dedicated compute, memory, and storage resources and a fully installed operating system?

  • A: host
  • B: virtual machine
  • C: container
  • D: mainframe


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