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Exam Automating Cisco Collaboration Solutions (300-835 CLAUTO)
Number 300-835
File Name Automating Cisco Collaboration Solutions (300-835 CLAUTO).test-king.300-835.2020-01-09.1e.27q.vcex
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Posted January 09, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which CUCM default global conference setting should be changed to ensure fraud prevention?

  • A: Advanced Ad Hoc Conference Enabled.
  • B: Block OffNet to OnNet Transfer.
  • C: MCU Conference Bridge Custom Layout Index.
  • D: Drop Ad Hoc Conference.
  • E: Enable Click-to-Conference for Third-Party Applications.

Question 2
What is the best tool to test end verify a dial plan during the implementing phase?

  • A: Translator X
  • B: CUCM Dialed Number Analyzer
  • C: Real-Time Monitoring Tool
  • D: Cisco Prime Collaboration Tool

Question 3
When implementing a global dial plan, which digit manipulation feature in CUCM does Cisco recommend for adding +1 to all outbound calls?

  • A: Called party transformation
  • B: Calling party transformation
  • C: Translation pattern
  • D: External phone mask

Question 4
When CUCM is installed, how can the Customer Use the Operating system?

  • A: GUI and CLI
  • B: CLI
  • C: GUI
  • D: none
  • E: OS can be accessed by CISCO TAC only

Question 5
What happens when the TFTP server is not available?

  • A: CUCM can't read phone configurations
  • B: Phones can't download configuration
  • C: Phones need to be restarted
  • D: TFTP server needs to be restarted

Question 6
Refer to the exhibit. 


While configuring dial plan on a system, an engineer notices the route list in the pictured state. 
What will cause this?

  • A: One subscriber server in CUCM Group is down.
  • B: Media Resource on the CUCM are oversubscribed.
  • C: "Run on all active unified CM nodes" is not checked on the route list.
  • D: "No route group" is added in this Route List.

Question 7
An engineer wants to add a software conference bridge on Cisco Unified Communications Manager web admin and cannot find the option to do so. What is one cause of this?

  • A: Enterprise Parameters have not been set to allow this.
  • B: The CUCM Cluster is using the maximum number of allowed subscribers.
  • C: Service Parameters have not been set to allow this
  • D: A software conference bridge cannot be added to CUCM by using Conference Bridge Configuration.

Question 8
When configuring CUCM digit manipulation for calls on a gateway, which two do you use for prefixing digits on outgoing calls? (Choose two.)

  • A: *
  • B: \
  • C: !
  • D: =
  • E: 0-9

Question 9
When using the Dialed Number Analyzer tool, what step has to occur to ensure the most recent CUCM configuration is analyzed?

  • A: dialed number analyzer server
  • B: database synchronization
  • C: directory number alias sync
  • D: directory number alias lookup

Question 10
Which three configuration settings are included in a default region configuration in CUCM 10x? (Choose three.)

  • A: Video Call Bandwidth
  • B: Immersive Bandwidth
  • C: Real Time Protocol
  • D: Audio Codec
  • E: Location Description
  • F: Link Loss Type


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