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Exam Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications (CLICA)
Number 300-810
File Name Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications (CLICA).DumpBoss.300-810.2021-05-13.1e.69q.vcex
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Posted May 13, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two Cisco Unity Connection logs are used to troubleshoot issues with Message Waiting Indicators? (Choose two.)

  • A: Connection IMAP Server
  • B: Connection Mailbox Sync
  • C: Connection Notifier
  • D: Connection Message Transfer Agent
  • E: Connection Conversation Manager

Question 2
Which SIP request type is used by Cisco Unity Connection to inform Cisco Unified Communications manager that the Message 
Waiting Indicator must be turned on or off for a specific line?


Question 3
An engineer is checking the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unity Connection integration and presses the Message button on a phone to check the voicemail. Which action does Cisco Unified CM take? 

  • A: Cisco Unified CM looks up the voicemail pilot configured to dial.
  • B: Cisco Unified CM routes the configured hunt pilot to Unity Connection.
  • C: Cisco Unified CM looks up the hunt pilot configured to dial.
  • D: Cisco Unified CM sends an AXL query to Unity Connection.

Question 4
Refer to the exhibit. 


Persistent Chat is configured in the Cisco IM and Presence server using PostgreSQL as the back-end database. 
Users report that the Chat Rooms icon is missing from their Cisco Jabber clients. 
Which action should the administrator take to resolve this issue?

  • A: Start the Cisco XCP Message Archiver.
  • B: Restart the Cisco XCP Directory Service. 
  • C: Start the Cisco XCP Text Conference Manager.
  • D: Restart the Cisco XCP XMPP Federation Connection Manager.

Question 5
An engineer is configuring a Jabber client installation switch for a phone system using Cisco UCM as the registration server, with a softphone control address of, and configuration files received from after all previous  configurations are cleared. Drag and drop the snippets from the bottom of the image onto the blanks in the image to complete this configuration. Not all options are used.  

Question 6
Which description of an IdP server is true?

  • A: authenticates user credentials
  • B: provides user authorization
  • C: is an authentication request that is generated by a Cisco Unified Communications application 
  • D: consists of pieces of security information that are transferred to the service provider for user authentication

Question 7
Which two SSO features are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: allows Jabber to use LDAP directory services for contact imports
  • B: allows LDAP user import on Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • C: improves productivity by reducing time spent re-entering credentials for the same identity
  • D: transfers the authentication from the system that hosts the applications to a third-party system
  • E: reduces costs by decreasing the number of help calls that are made for voicemail PIN resets

Question 8
What submits credentials to the LDAP server during a call that uses SAML SSO?

  • A: Cisco UCM server
  • B: service provider
  • C: browser-based client  
  • D: IdP

Question 9
Refer to the exhibit. 


Which two steps resolve the “Users with Duplicate User IDs” message? (Choose two.)

  • A: Rename the directory URI value for one of the users to ensure that there is no duplication.
  • B: Rename the User ID value for one user if different users on different clusters have the same User ID assigned.
  • C: Unassign a user from one of the clusters when the same user is assigned to two different clusters. 
  • D: Assign the duplicate user to the secondary Cisco IM and Presence node.
  • E: Delete the user ID for the duplicate user ID.

Question 10
Refer to the exhibit. 


A customer reports that after a network failure, all of the Cisco Jabber clients are not switched back to their home nodes. 
An engineer determines that the primary Cisco IM and Presence server is in Failed Over state. 
Which two actions should be performed to bring the system back to operational state and to prevent future occurrences? (Choose two.)

  • A: Advise all users to re-login to their Jabber clients.
  • B: Confirm that both IM and Presence servers are configured in the Presence Redundancy Group configuration pane.
  • C: Perform a restart of the IM and Presence primary server to force fallback.
  • D: Click the Fallback button in the Server Action pane.
  • E: Set the Automatic Failover parameter in the Server Recovery Manager Service Parameters to the value True.


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