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Exam Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (300-420 ENSLD)
Number 300-420
File Name Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (300-420 ENSLD).braindumps.300-420.2020-09-09.1e.47q.vcex
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Posted September 09, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What command would display a single line of information for each virtual gateway or virtual forwarder on a switch?

  • A: switch# show glbp
  • B: switch# show glbp brief
  • C: switch# show standby
  • D: switch# show standby brief

Question 2
Which command enables GLBP on an interface?

  • A: glbp
  • B: glbp 10 ip
  • C: standby mode glbp
  • D: switchport mode glbp

Question 3
The partial output displayed in the exhibit is a result of what IOS command? (Click on the Exhibit(s) button.)

  • A: switch# show running-config
  • B: switch# show standby vlan1 active brief
  • C: switch# show hsrp 1
  • D: switch# show standby

Question 4
You have been assigned to create a plan to implement HSRP on the router connecting your company's network to the Internet. The router should be the active router in the HSRP group. On the active router, the following conditions should be met:
Enable preemption with no delay
Set Hello timer to 10 seconds and hold time to 25 seconds 
Set the priority to 150
Which of the following commands should be included in the plan to meet the given requirements? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A: standby 1 preempt delay minimum 10
  • B: standby 1 preempt
  • C: standby 1 priority 150
  • D: standby 1 timers 10 25
  • E: standby 1 timers 25 10
  • F: standby track interface S0/1

Question 5
Which of the following statements best describes the result of issuing the command standby 44 timers 3 1 on an HSRP router?

  • A: The holdtime will be set to a value of 3, and the hellotime will be set to a value of 1.
  • B: The status of the standby router will be displayed as unknown expired.
  • C: The role of active router will be passed repeatedly from one router to another.
  • D: The router will be configured to reassume the role of active router in the event that the router fails and is subsequently restarted.

Question 6
Refer to the following exhibit: 


You have configured the routers in the diagram for HSRP, resulting in the displayed configurations.
Which of the following routers were configured with the default HSRP values for each command?

  • A: rtrA
  • B: rtrB
  • C: rtrC 
  • D: rtrD

Question 7
A company has the following network infrastructure. (Refer to the exhibit.) 


Router A is a GLBP active virtual gateway with priority level set to 250. Routers B and C are configured with the default GLPB configurations. The configuration of the active virtual gateway needs to be changed such that if the AVG fails, Router C should be elected to be used as an active virtual gateway. As the network administrator, you have been asked to make corresponding changes to the configuration.
Which command would you use for this purpose on Router C, and where would the command be configured?

  • A: glbp 10 preempt (on Router B)
  • B: glbp 10 preempt (on Router C)
  • C: glbp 10 priority 200 (on Router B)
  • D: glbp 10 priority 200 (on Router C)

Question 8
In which HSRP state is the router a candidate to become the next active router for the group?

  • A: Learn
  • B: Backup
  • C: Listen
  • D: Initial
  • E: Standby

Question 9
Which routers comprise a VRRP group?

  • A: Host and client
  • B: Master and backup
  • C: Active and standby
  • D: Primary and secondary

Question 10
Which of the following is required to allow load balancing between three HSRP routers connected to the same LAN?

  • A: A single HSRP group with all three routers as active routers for the group
  • B: A single HSRP group with one active router for the group
  • C: Two HSRP groups, each with an active router
  • D: Two HSRP groups with one active router for both the groups
  • E: Three HSRP groups, each with an active router
  • F: Three HSRP groups with one active router for all groups


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