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Exam Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions
Number 300-209
File Name Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions.pass4sure.300-209.2019-02-04.1e.190q.vcex
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Posted February 04, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What are two benefits of DMVPN Phase 3? (Choose two.)

  • A: Administrators can use summarization of routing protocol updates from hub to spokes.
  • B: It introduces hierarchical DMVPN deployments.
  • C: It introduces non-hierarchical DMVPN deployments.
  • D: It supports L2TP over IPSec as one of the VPN protocols.

Question 2
Which are two main use cases for Clientless SSL VPN? (Choose two.)

  • A: In kiosks that are part of a shared environment
  • B: When the users do not have admin rights to install a new VPN client
  • C: When full tunneling is needed to support applications that use TCP, UDP, and ICMP
  • D: To create VPN site-to-site tunnels in combination with remote access

Question 3
Which technology can rate-limit the number of tunnels on a DMVPN hub when system utilization is above a specified percentage?

  • A: NHRP Event Publisher
  • B: interface state control
  • C: CAC
  • D: NHRP Authentication
  • E: ip nhrp connect

Question 4
Which technology supports tunnel interfaces while remaining compatible with legacy VPN implementations?

  • A: FlexVPN
  • B: DMVPN
  • C: GET VPN
  • D: SSL VPN

Question 5
Which IKEv2 feature minimizes the configuration of a FlexVPN on Cisco IOS devices?

  • A: IKEv2 Suite-B
  • B: IKEv2 proposals
  • C: IKEv2 profiles
  • D: IKEv2 Smart Defaults

Question 6
When an IPsec SVTI is configured, which technology processes traffic forwarding for encryption?

  • A: ACL
  • B: IP routing
  • C: RRI
  • D: front door VPN routing and forwarding

Question 7
An IOS SSL VPN is configured to forward TCP ports. A remote user cannot access the corporate FTP site with a Web browser. What is a possible reason for the failure?

  • A: The user's FTP application is not supported.
  • B: The user is connecting to an IOS VPN gateway configured in Thin Client Mode.
  • C: The user is connecting to an IOS VPN gateway configured in Tunnel Mode.
  • D: The user's operating system is not supported.

Question 8
A Cisco IOS SSL VPN gateway is configured to operate in clientless mode so that users can access file shares on a Microsoft Windows 2003 server. 
Which protocol is used between the Cisco IOS router and the Windows server?

  • A: HTTPS
  • B: NetBIOS
  • C: CIFS
  • D: HTTP

Question 9
You are configuring a Cisco IOS SSL VPN gateway to operate with DVTI support. Which command must you configure on the virtual template?

  • A: tunnel protection ipsec
  • B: ip virtual-reassembly
  • C: tunnel mode ipsec
  • D: ip unnumbered

Question 10
Which protocol supports high availability in a Cisco IOS SSL VPN environment?

  • A: HSRP
  • B: VRRP
  • C: GLBP
  • D: IRDP


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