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Exam Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions
Number 300-206
File Name Cisco.CertDumps.300-206.2017-10-22.1e.128q.vcex
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Posted October 22, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
When a Cisco ASA is configured in multicontext mode, which command is used to change between contexts?

  • A: changeto config context
  • B: changeto context
  • C: changeto/config context change
  • D: changeto/config context 2

Question 2
Which statement about the Cisco Security Manager 4.4 NAT Rediscovery feature is true?

  • A: It provides NAT policies to existing clients that connect from a new switch port.
  • B: It can update shared policies even when the NAT server is offline.
  • C: It enables NAT policy discovery as it updates shared polices.
  • D: It enables NAT policy rediscovery while leaving existing shared polices unchanged.

Question 3
When you install a Cisco ASA AIP-SSM, which statement about the main Cisco ASDM home page is true?

  • A: It is replaced by the Cisco AIP-SSM home page.
  • B: It must reconnect to the NAT policies database.
  • C: The administrator can manually update the page.
  • D: It displays a new Intrusion Prevention panel.

Question 4
Which Cisco product provides a GUI-based device management tool to configure Cisco access routers?

  • A: Cisco ASDM
  • B: Cisco CP Express
  • C: Cisco ASA 5500
  • D: Cisco CP

Question 5
Which statement about Cisco IPS Manager Express is true?

  • A: It provides basic device management for large-scale deployments.
  • B: It provides a GUI for configuring IPS sensors and security modules.
  • C: It enables communication with Cisco ASA devices that have no administrative access.
  • D: It provides greater security than simple ACLs.

Question 6
Which three options describe how SNMPv3 traps can be securely configured to be sent by IOS? (Choose three.)

  • A: An SNMPv3 group is defined to configure the read and write views of the group.
  • B: An SNMPv3 user is assigned to SNMPv3 group and defines the encryption and authentication credentials.
  • C: An SNMPv3 host is configured to define where the SNMPv3 traps will be sent.
  • D: An SNMPv3 host is used to configure the encryption and authentication credentials for SNMPv3 traps.
  • E: An SNMPv3 view is defined to configure the address of where the traps will be sent.
  • F: An SNMPv3 group is used to configure the OIDs that will be reported.

Question 7
A network engineer is asked to configure NetFlow to sample one of every 100 packets on a router's fa0/0 interface. 
Which configuration enables sampling, assuming that NetFlow is already configured and running on the router's fa0/0 interface?

  • A: flow-sampler-map flow1 
    mode random one-out-of 100 
    interface fas0/0 
    flow-sampler flow1
  • B: flow monitor flow1 
    mode random one-out-of 100 
    interface fas0/0 
    ip flow monitor flow1
  • C: flow-sampler-map flow1 
    one-out-of 100 
    interface fas0/0 
    flow-sampler flow1
  • D: ip flow-export source fas0/0 one-out-of 100

Question 8
What is the default log level on the Cisco Web Security Appliance?

  • A: Trace
  • B: Debug
  • C: Informational
  • D: Critical

Question 9
Which command sets the source IP address of the NetFlow exports of a device?

  • A: ip source flow-export
  • B: ip source netflow-export
  • C: ip flow-export source
  • D: ip netflow-export source

Question 10
Which two SNMPv3 features ensure that SNMP packets have been sent securely?" Choose two.

  • A: host authorization
  • B: authentication
  • C: encryption
  • D: compression


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