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Exam Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCIT)
Number 300-180
File Name Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCIT).certkiller.300-180.2018-08-06.1e.79q.vcex
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Posted August 06, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two statements are true regarding vPC? (Choose two.)

  • A: With vPC, there are no blocked ports.
  • B: There is VLAN-based load balancing.
  • C: There is higher oversubscription.
  • D: A peer link is required.
  • E: STP is disabled.

Question 2
View the Exhibit. 

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the topology is true?

  • A: Client 1, Client 2, and Client 3 are configured to have the default gateway IP address of
  • B: If Router A fails, the highest interface IP address backup router becomes the master.
  • C: Multiple VRRP groups are configured on each router.
  • D: Traffic to and from LAN clients is sent through the master router only.

Question 3
What is the default number of dynamic vNICs that is specified by the Cisco UCS Manager when creating a dynamic vNIC connection policy?

  • A: 257
  • B: 128
  • C: 256
  • D: 54

Question 4
Which two features are required to configure a blade to boot successfully from Fibre Channel? (Choose two.)

  • A: SAN connectivity policy
  • B: LUN masking
  • C: boot from SAN policy
  • D: port assignment
  • E: WWPN device alias

Question 5
You discover that OSPF neighbors are stuck in Exstart and Exchange states.  
What prevents the external routes from being propagated to the leaf switches to which endpoints are attached for a given tenant?

  • A: The outside router is not configured for MTU 9000.
  • B: The outside router is configured with an incorrect OSPF area type.
  • C: There is an MTU mismatch between the OSPF neighbors.
  • D: The outside router is configured with an incorrect OSPF area ID.

Question 6
View the Exhibit. 


Refer to exhibit A Cisco UCS admin is troubleshooting an issue with a vNIC not coming up on a blade. When looking at the CLI of the "Fabric Interconnect", the admin runs this command to view the status of the interface.  
Which option describes a possible reason why the interface is stuck in an "initializing" state?

  • A: The VLANs defined on the vNIC are not defined on a matching uplink port.
  • B: The MTU on the vNIC is higher than the MTU configured in the QoS system class.
  • C: The service profile is not applied to a blade.
  • D: The uplink port is down.

Question 7
Which solution can be applied if there is communication between hosts in different VLANS over Cisco OTV and the hosts are losing connectivity?

  • A: Increase the Cisco OTV CAM timers to match the ARP timer on any non-Nexus switches.
  • B: Configure an EEM script to clear MAC CAM tables on all devices every 25 minutes.
  • C: Move hosts so that they belong to the same VLAN.
  • D: Configure the ARP timers of any non-Nexus switches to be less than the Cisco OTV CA timer.

Question 8
In an IP storage environment, what occurs if you apply a service profile to a server that has an Ethernet-only mezzanine card?

  • A: The storage adapter is not visible to the OS.
  • B: The OS fails to boot.
  • C: A blade association occurs.
  • D: WWPN and WWNN are selected from the default pool.

Question 9
Which command would you use to check the status of your configuration synchronization peer?

  • A: N5K2# show peer status
  • B: N5K2# show config-sync peer
  • C: N5K2# show switch-profile peer
  • D: N5K2# show synch peer

Question 10
A customer is trying to boot an operating system that is installed on the eUSB on a Cisco UCS B-Series blade server, however, the boot fails. 
What is the cause of this failure?

  • A: eUSB support is available only on the Cisco UCS C-Series rack server.
  • B: The local disk must be the first device in the boot order.
  • C: eUSB is not the first device in the boot order for the server.
  • D: eUSB is not a supported boot device.


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