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Exam Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
Number 300-165
File Name Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure.prep4sure.300-165.2019-04-03.1e.165q.vcex
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Posted April 03, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
In policy-based routing, which action is taken for packets that do not match any of the route-map statements?

  • A: forwarded using the closest matching route-map statement
  • B: forwarded using destination-based routing
  • C: forwarded after the egress queue empties on the outbound interface
  • D: forwarded using the last statement in the route map

Question 2
switch# configure terminal 
switch (config) #  interface ethernet 1/4 
switch (config-if) #  switchport mode trunk 
switch (config-if) #  channel-group 1 mode active 
Refer to the exhibit. Which type of port channel was created?

  • A: LACP
  • B: static
  • C: PAgP
  • D: desirable

Question 3
Which statement about enhanced zoning on Cisco Multilayer Director Switches is true?

  • A: Zone changes can scheduled with a CRON job.
  • B: It allows patial zone set changes to be distributed without having to active a zone set.
  • C: Enhanced zoning is compatible with IVR.
  • D: More than one zone set can be active wit enhanced zoning.

Question 4
Which statement about electronic programmable logic device image upgrades is true?

  • A: An EPLD upgrade must be performed during an ISSU system or kickstart upgrade.
  • B: EPLD and ISSU image upgrades are nondisruptive.
  • C: Whether the module being upgraded is online pr offline only the EPLD images that have different current and new versions are upgraded.
  • D: You can execute an upgrade or downgrade only from the active supervisor module.

Question 5
You plan to configure authentication for OSPF. In which configuration mode should you configure OSPF authentication to use a specific key chain?

  • A: router ospf
  • B: global
  • C: vPC
  • D: interface

Question 6
Which GLBL load-balancing method ensures that a client is always mapped to the same virtual MAC address?

  • A: host-dependent
  • B: vmac-weighted
  • C: dedicated-vmac-mode
  • D: shortest-path and weighting

Question 7
Which command configures the aging for VLAN 100 to 500 minutes?

  • A: mac address-table aging-time 50
  • B: mac address-table aging-time 50 vlan 100
  • C: mac address-table aging-time 3000 vlan 100
  • D: mac address-table aging-time 300

Question 8
ipv6 access-list MY_ACL 
permit tcp 2001:cc1e:aaaa::/64 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc::/64
permit udp 2001:cc1e:bbbb::/64 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc::/64
interface ethernet 1/1 
ipv6 address 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc::1/64
ipv6 traffic-filter MY_ACL in 
Refer to the exhibit. Only the ACL in the exhibit is applied on a VDC, and only the default VRF is used. In which two scenarios is traffic permitted? 
(Choose two.)

  • A: TCP traffic from 2001:cc1e:aaaa::/64 to 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc:abcd/64
  • B: GRE traffic from 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc::abcd/64 to 2001:cc1e:aaaa/64
  • C: UDP traffic from 2001:cc1e:aaaa::/64 to 2001::cc1e:befe:cccc::abcd/64
  • D: GRE traffic from 2001:cc1e:bbbb::/64 to 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc::abcd/64
  • E: TCP traffic from 2001:cc1e:bbbb::/64 to 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc:abcd/64

Question 9
Which two options can be used for link aggregation when you configure vPC member interfaces? (Choose two.)

  • A: a static EtherChannel
  • B: the Cisco Fabric Services protocol
  • C: the LACP protocol
  • D: the VSL control link
  • E: the PAgP protocol

Question 10
Which two options should you consider when you configure a SAN zone set? (Choose two.)

  • A: VSANs can be activated by using enhanced zoning.
  • B: A SAN zone set consists of one or more SAN zones.
  • C: A SAN zone set must be activated manually on all of the fabric nodes.
  • D: Only the SAN zone set can be activated simultaneously.
  • E: One SAN zone can be the member of only one zone set.


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