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Exam Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
Number 300-160
File Name Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure.examskey.300-160.2019-05-04.1e.187q.vcex
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Posted May 04, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which statement accurately describes the configuration requirements for disjoint Layer 2 networks on Cisco UCS?

  • A: The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect must be in switch mode.
  • B: The VLAN IDs must overlap in both Layer 2 domains.
  • C: All of the uplinks must be in one port channel to keep all of the ports active.
  • D: The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect must be in end-host mode.

Question 2
Which component is required to run FCoE?

  • A: converged network adapter
  • B: iSCSI gateway
  • C: host bus adapter
  • D: Fibre Channel adapter

Question 3
When you configure FCIP, which two types of acceleration can you enable to maximize WAN link utilization? (Choose two.)

  • A: SCSI write
  • B: link
  • C: SCSI tape
  • D: WAN
  • E: IP

Question 4
Which two actions must be performed when you configure Cisco VN-Link in hardware? (Choose two.)

  • A: Create a port profile and profile clients in Cisco UCS Manager.
  • B: Create a distributed virtual switch under the datacenter folder in VMware vCenter.
  • C: Create a standard switch on an ESXi host and map the network adapters to the switch.
  • D: Create a distributed virtual switch in Cisco UCS Manager.
  • E: Add an ESX host to the distributed virtual switch in Cisco UCS Manager.

Question 5
You plan to configure LISP between two data centers. Which two LISP components must be configured? (Choose two.)

  • A: VTEP
  • B: the site identifier
  • C: a map resolver
  • D: a map server
  • E: VNI

Question 6
In which OTV transport mode must an AED router create multiple copies of each control plan packet?

  • A: site-to-site
  • B: unicast-only
  • C: multicast
  • D: anycast

Question 7
You have a Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect that connects to upstream switches via four 10-Gbps port channels. You have a fully populated Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Server chassis that has a UCS-IOM-2208XP installed and uses all of the ports for the blade servers. What is the oversubscription ratio between the chassis and the upstream switch?

  • A: 6:1
  • B: 3:1
  • C: 2:1
  • D: 4:1

Question 8
The classical access layer has limitations due to a high value in which of the following items?

  • A: 10 Gigabit Ethernet links
  • B: oversubscription
  • C: cost
  • D: jitter

Question 9
Which two Nexus 7000 licenses are required to manage FabricPath from Cisco Data Center Network Manager? (Choose two.)

  • A: Nexus 7000 Transport Services License
  • B: Nexus 7000 Enhanced Layer 2 License
  • C: Nexus 7000 Scalable Feature License
  • D: Nexus 7000 LAN Enterprise License
  • E: Cisco DCNM for Nexus 7000

Question 10
Which two options are advantages of the core-edge SAN topology as compared to the collapsed-core SAN topology? (Choose two.)

  • A: predictable performance
  • B: minimized ISL usage
  • C: easier to analyze and tune performance
  • D: single management interface
  • E: higher scalability


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