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Exam Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE v2.0)
Number 300-101
File Name Cisco.Pass4sure.300-101.v1-0.2017-09-26.1e.90q.vcex
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Posted September 26, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Company A recently acquired Company B and the network infrastructures are being merged. Both organizations used non-overlapping globally unique network addressing but different Interior Gateway Protocols (IGPs). Initially, multiple WAN links will connect the two organizations. Company A will maintain its core routing protocol, and Company B's routing protocol will be the edge routing protocol. Two-way redistribution will be used to ensure full network routing capability. What additional routing configuration should be performed to prevent routing loops and suboptimal routing?

  • A: Manually configure static routes.
  • B: Manually configure default routes.
  • C: Manually adjust the administrative distances.
  • D: Manually adjust the local preference attribute.

Question 2
Which of the following commands will enable the DHCP and relay services on a Cisco router? 

  • A: RouterA(config)# service dhcp
  • B: RouterA(config)# dhcp enable
  • C: RouterA(config)# enable dhcp
  • D: RouterA(config-if)# dhcp enable
  • E: RouterA(config-if)# service dhcp

Question 3
You are configuring a DHCP server to service a group of clients that are located on a different subnet than the DHCP server itself. What else must you configure to ensure a successful setup?

  • A: Relay agent
  • B: Multicast routing
  • C: Unicast routing
  • D: Access list

Question 4
You have two autonomous systems connected by more than one ASBR.  
Which strategy does Cisco recommend in this situation?

  • A: Use two-way redistribution.
  • B: Use a default route in both directions.
  • C: Allow routes to be exchanged in one direction, and use a default route in the other direction.
  • D: Manually configure routes in all ASBRs, and update the configuration each time there is a change in either AS.

Question 5
Which command can you use to verify that interfaces have been configured in the correct areas and to show timer intervals and neighbor adjacencies for OSPF?

  • A: show ip ospf
  • B: show ip route
  • C: show ip protocol
  • D: show ip ospf database
  • E: show ip ospf interface

Question 6
Refer to the following table:
Path1, Path2, and Path3 are the available routes between routers A and B. The bgp always-compare med command is executed for all three routes. 
What should be the value for the missing ASN (represented by a question mark in the table) so that Path3 becomes the best path between routers A and B based on their MED values?

  • A: 10
  • B: 20
  • C: 30
  • D: 40

Question 7
Refer to the following exhibit that shows four Cisco routers named rtr1, rtr2, rtr3, and rtr4: 
The routers rtr2, rtr3, and rtr4 are eBGP peers of rtr1. In addition, rtr3 and rtr4 are also eBGP peers. 
You want to implement the following requirements on rtr1:
The first attribute to select the best path is used. 
Advertisements about sent by rtr4 will be chosen over the advertisements sent by rtr3.  
Which of the following commands should be included in the implementation plan for rtr1 to achieve the desired results? (Each option is a part of the solution. Choose all that apply.) 

  • A: neighbor route-map set_weight out
  • B: neighbor route-map set_weight in
  • C: route-map set_weight deny 10
  • D: match ip-address 1
  • E: set metric 100
  • F: set weight 100

Question 8
Examine the exhibit. 
You have determined that RTR2 is not advertising the CIDR summary address to the other routers in AS 65100. Which set of configuration commands will enable the BGP router RTR2 to announce the network prefix to the other routers in the AS 65100?

  • A: router bgp 65100 
    neighbor remote-as 65100 
    neighbor remote-as 65100 
  • B: router bgp 65100 
    neighbor remote-as 65101 
    neighbor remote-as 65100 
  • C: router bgp 65100 
    neighbor remote-as 65100 
    neighbor remote-as 65100 
    network mask 
    ip route null 0
  • D: router bgp 65100 
    neighbor remote-as 65101 
    neighbor remote-as 65100 
    network mask 
    ip route null 0

Question 9
Which method of advertising networks from an autonomous system into BGP can result in the most instability? 

  • A: Using the network command
  • B: Redistributing static routes into BGP
  • C: Redistributing dynamic routes into BGP
  • D: Redistributing static routes into IBGP

Question 10
Consider the following output of the show ip bgp summary command:
Which of the following neighbors have an established connection with RouterA?

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
  • E:


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