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Exam Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications
Number 300-085
File Name Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications (CAPPS).testkings.300-085.v8-0.2019-01-09.1e.146q.vcex
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Posted January 09, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Cisco Unified Communications Manager SIP integration with Cisco Unity Connection requires which configuration component to connect to voicemail?

  • A: Route Pattern
  • B: Hunt Group
  • C: Route Group
  • D: Hunt Pilot
  • E: Trunk Group

Question 2
How are partitions and calling search spaces in Cisco Unity Connection different from partitions and calling search spaces in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

  • A: In Cisco Unity Connection, search spaces do not include partitions.
  • B: In Cisco Unity Connection, partitions include calling search spaces.
  • C: In Cisco Unity Connection, partitions and calling search spaces are not used.
  • D: In Cisco Unity Connection, partitions and calling search spaces function just as they do in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
  • E: In Cisco Unity Connection, only partitions are used.

Question 3
An IP phone user reports that they are unable to set the Call Forward All feature on their phone. The user reports that they press the CfwdAll softkey and enter the desired telephone number, but the phone does not accept it. What could be causing this issue?

  • A: The user is entering too many digits for the destination number.
  • B: Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not control Call Forward.
  • C: The Call Forward All service parameter is not enabled.
  • D: The Call Forward All option of the IP phone does not have a CSS defined.
  • E: The Call Forward All enterprise parameter is not enabled.

Question 4
Which messaging interface provides support for an Apple iPhone, Android, and Blackberry?

  • A: Cisco Unity Connection
  • B: Cisco Unity Express
  • C: Cisco Unity
  • D: Cisco Unity Mobile

Question 5
Which tool is used to migrate users from Cisco Unity to Cisco Unity Connection?

  • A: CSV import
  • B: LDAP import
  • C: Exchange Synch import
  • D: COBRAS import
  • E: Cisco Unity Migration Assistant

Question 6
Which type of video service does Cisco Unity Connection use to provide video services?

  • A: multipoint control unit
  • B: video control services
  • C: conductor
  • D: Cisco Presence Service
  • E: MediaSense

Question 7
When troubleshooting an MWI issue in Cisco Unity Connection, which task should you perform in the phone system component at the beginning of troubleshooting?

  • A: Ensure that MWI is enabled for the user.
  • B: Ensure that the user has the correct phone system assigned.
  • C: Run the Check Telephony Integration test.
  • D: Ensure that the ports are configured for MWI only.
  • E: Ensure that the pilot number matches the Cisco Unified Communications Manager configured pilot number.

Question 8
Which tool that is used for troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Manager is also used to troubleshoot and monitor Cisco Unity Connection?

  • A: Cisco Unified Dialed Number Analyzer
  • B: Cisco Unified Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tool
  • C: Cisco Unified Real Time Monitoring Tool
  • D: Cisco Unified Port Monitor
  • E: Cisco Unified Serviceability

Question 9
What does the Primary Extension column define when importing users?

  • A: the main extension that callers dial to reach a user
  • B: the pilot number that is used by Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express to access Cisco Unity Express
  • C: the mailbox ID that is assigned by Cisco Unity Express during import
  • D: the primary extension that is to be used for CFNA and CFB

Question 10
You have configured a Cisco Unity Express server that uses the G.711 codec. You want to send outbound messages in a format that uses lower bandwidth. However, you want to keep the quality of the incoming message high. Which two tasks should you perform? (Choose two.)

  • A: Convert the incoming messages to G.729a.
  • B: Keep the incoming messages as G.711.
  • C: Convert the outgoing message to 64 kb/s using G.729a.
  • D: Convert the outgoing messages to G.726.
  • E: Send the outgoing messages in the G.711 format.
  • F: Store the message using the original codec, but convert it to 64 kb/s for outgoing.


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