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Exam DevNet Associate (DEVASC 200-901)
Number 200-901
File Name DevNet Associate (DEVASC).selftestengine.200-901.2020-03-09.1e.61q.vcex
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Posted March 09, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two statements describe the advantages of using a version control system? (Choose two.)

  • A: It allows for branching and merging so that different tasks are worked on in isolation before they are merged into a feature or master branch.
  • B: It provides tooling to automate application builds and infrastructure provisioning.
  • C: It allows multiple engineers to work against the same code and configuration files and mange differences and conflicts.
  • D: It provides a system to track User Stories and allocate to backlogs.
  • E: It allows developers to write effective unit tests.

Question 2
Refer to the exhibit. 


A process on the host wants to access the service running inside this Docker container. Which port is used to make a connection?

  • A: only outbound connections between 3000 and 5000 are possible
  • B: port 3000
  • C: any port between 3000 and 5000
  • D: port 5000

Question 3
Which description of a default gateway is true?

  • A: It is a security feature that denies certain traffic.
  • B: It is a device that receives IP packets that have no explicit next-hop in the routing table.
  • C: It is a feature that translates between public and private addresses.
  • D: It is a device that receives Layer 2 frames with an unknown destination address.

Question 4
Which device is a system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security roles?

  • A: router
  • B: switch
  • C: load balancer
  • D: firewall

Question 5
Refer to the exhibit. 


Which Python data structure does my_json contain?

  • A: map
  • B: list
  • C: json
  • D: dict

Question 6
Which two elements are foundational of DevOps? (Choose two.)

  • A: organizing cross-functional teams over organizational silos
  • B: designing applications as microservices
  • C: encouraging containers for the deployment of applications
  • D: automating over documenting
  • E: optimizing the cost of infrastructures

Question 7
In DNS, which record specifies an alias that refers to another name that ultimately resolves to an IP address?

  • A: CNAME
  • B: NS
  • C: AAA
  • D: SOA

Question 8
Refer to the exhibit. 


Which JSON is equivalent to the XML-encoded data?

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:

Question 9
Which statement describes the benefit of using functions in programming?

  • A: Functions ensure that a developer understands the inner logic contained before using them as part of a script or application.
  • B: Functions create the implementation of secret and encrypted algorithms.
  • C: Functions allow problems to be split into simpler, smaller groups, and reduce code repetition, which makes the code easier to read.
  • D: Functions store mutable values within a script or application.

Question 10
Which platform is run directly using a hypervisor?

  • A: bare metal systems
  • B: virtual machines
  • C: containers
  • D: applications


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