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Exam DevNet Associate (DEVASC 200-901)
Number 200-901
File Name DevNet Associate (DEVASC 200-901).CertDumps.200-901.2020-06-08.1e.68q.vcex
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Posted June 08, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Fill in the blanks to complete the cURL command that invokes a RESTful API to retrieve a resource in JSON format using
curl –X ____________ -H “ __________: application/json” \ -H “ _______: Bearer AbCdEf123456”

  • A: GET, Accept, Authorization
  • B: Authorization, Accept, GET
  • C: GET, Authorization, Accept

Question 2
Which model-driven programmability protocol does Cisco IOS XE Software support?

  • A: gNMI
  • B: SOAP
  • C: SSH
  • D: CORBA

Question 3
Which two types of NAT are used in a network? (Choose two.)

  • A: routed NAT
  • B: static NAT
  • C: multicast NAT
  • D: normal NAT
  • E: dynamic NAT

Question 4
A developer is reviewing a code that was written by a colleague. It runs fine, but there are many lines of code to do a seemingly simple task repeatedly. Which action organizes the code?

  • A: Refactor the code by removing any unnecessary tests.
  • B: Reverse engineer and rewrite the code logic.
  • C: Using functions, rewrite any pieces of code that are repeated.
  • D: Modify the code to use loops.

Question 5
Which CI/CD tool is an automation tool used to build, test, and deploy software?

  • A: Git
  • B: Gradle
  • C: Nagios
  • D: Jenkins

Question 6
Refer to the exhibit.


The definition of the YANG module and a RESTCONF query sent to a Cisco IOS XE device is shown.
Which statement is correct if the RESTCONF interface responds with a 204 status code?

  • A: The query retrieved the logging severity level.
  • B: The query updated the logging severity level or created it if not present on the device.
  • C: The query failed at retrieving the logging severity level.
  • D: The query failed to set the logging severity level due to an invalid path.

Question 7
What are the purpose of the Cisco VIRL software tool?

  • A: to verify configurations against compliance standards
  • B: to automate API workflows
  • C: to simulate and model networks
  • D: to test performance of an application

Question 8
Which two NETCONF operations cover the RESTCONF GET operation? (Choose two.)

  • A: <get>
  • B: <get-config>
  • C: <get-update>
  • D: <modify>
  • E: <edit>

Question 9
Refer to the exhibit.


Which two statements about the network diagram are true? (Choose two.)

  • A: The subnet address of PC-B has 18 bits dedicated to the network portion.
  • B: One of the routers has two connected serial interfaces.
  • C: R1 and R3 are in the same subnet.
  • D: PC-A and PC-B are in the same subnet.
  • E: The subnet of PC-C can contain 256 hosts.

Question 10
Package updates from a local server fail to download. However, the same updates work when a much slower external
repository is used. Why are local updates failing?

  • A: The server is running out of disk space.
  • B: The internet connection is too slow.
  • C: The Internet is down at the moment, which causes the local server to not be able to respond.
  • D: The update utility is trying to use a proxy to access the internal resource.


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