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Exam Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA)
Number 200-301
File Name Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA).CertDumps.200-301.2020-08-05.1e.145q.vcex
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Posted August 05, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which feature on the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller when enabled restricts management access from specific networks?

  • A: CPU ACL
  • C: Flex ACL

Question 2
When a site-to-site VPN is used, which protocol is responsible for the transport of user data?

  • A: IKEv2
  • B: IKEv1
  • C: IPsec
  • D: MD5

Question 3
How do TCP and UDP differ in the way that they establish a connection between two endpoints?

  • A: TCP use the three-way handshake,and UDP dose no guarantee message delivery
  • B: TCP use synchronization packets,and UDP uses acknowledgement packets
  • C: UDP provides reliable message transfer,and TCP is a connectionless protocol.
  • D: UDP use SYN,SYN ACK,and FIN bits in the frame header while TCP uses SYN,SYN ACK,and ACK bis.

Question 4
What are two reasons that cause late collisions to increment on an Ethernet interface?(choose two)

  • A: when the sending device waits 15 seconds before sending the frame again
  • B: when the cable length limits are exceeded
  • C: when one side of the connection is configured for half-duplex
  • D: when Carner Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection is used
  • E: when a collision occurs after the 32nd byte of a frame has been transmitted

Question 5
A Cisco IP phone receive untagged data traffic from an attached PC. Which action is taken by the phone?

  • A: It allows the traffic to pass through unchanged
  • B: It drops the traffic
  • C: It tags the traffic with the default VLAN
  • D: It tags the traffic with the native VLAN

Question 6

Refer to the exhibit. The show ip ospf interface command has been executed on R1 How is OSPF configured?

  • A: The interface is not participating in OSPF
  • B: A point-to-point network type is configured
  • C: The default Hello and Dead timers are in use
  • D: There are six OSPF neighbors on this interface

Question 7
What benefit does controller-based networking provide versus traditional networking?

  • A: provides an added layer of security to protect from DDoS attacks
  • B: combines control and data plane functionality on a single device to minimize latency
  • C: moves from a two-tier to a three-tier network architecture to provide maximum redundancy
  • D: allows configuration and monitoring of the network from one centralized point

Question 8
Which mode must be used to configure EtherChannel between two switches without using a negotiation protocol?

  • A: on
  • B: auto
  • C: active
  • D: desirable 

Question 9
What are two descriptions of three-tier network topologies? (Choose two.)

  • A: The distribution layer runs Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies.
  • B: The network core is designed to maintain continuous connectivity when devices fail.
  • C: The core layer maintains wired connections for each host.
  • D: The core and distribution layers perform the same functions
  • E: The access layer manages routing between devices in different domains.

Question 10

Refer to the exhibit.which statement explains the configuration error message that is received?

  • A: it belongs to a private IP address range
  • B: the router dose not support /28 mask
  • C: it is a network IP address
  • D: it is a broadcast IP address


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