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Exam Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals (CBROPS)
Number 200-201
File Name Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals (CBROPS).VCEplus.200-201.2020-07-01.1e.98q.vcex
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Posted July 01, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
While viewing packet capture data, an analyst sees that one IP is sending and receiving traffic for multiple devices by modifying the IP header.
Which technology makes this behavior possible?

  • A: encapsulation
  • B: TOR
  • C: tunneling
  • D: NAT

Question 2
When communicating via TLS, the client initiates the handshake to the server and the server responds back with its certificate for identification.
Which information is available on the server certificate?

  • A: server name, trusted subordinate CA, and private key
  • B: trusted subordinate CA, public key, and cipher suites
  • C: trusted CA name, cipher suites, and private key
  • D: server name, trusted CA, and public key

Question 3
A security engineer has a video of a suspect entering a data center that was captured on the same day that files in the same data center were transferred to a competitor.
Which type of evidence is this?

  • A: best evidence
  • B: prima facie evidence
  • C: indirect evidence
  • D: physical evidence

Question 4
Which two elements of the incident response process are stated in NIST Special Publication 800-61 r2? (Choose two.)

  • A: detection and analysis
  • B: post-incident activity 
  • C: vulnerability management
  • D: risk assessment
  • E: vulnerability scoring

Question 5
Which utility blocks a host portscan?

  • A: HIDS
  • B: sandboxing
  • C: host-based firewall
  • D: antimalware

Question 6
Which event is user interaction?

  • A: gaining root access
  • B: executing remote code
  • C: reading and writing file permission
  • D: opening a malicious file

Question 7
An intruder attempted malicious activity and exchanged emails with a user and received corporate information, including email distribution lists. The intruder asked the user to engage with a link in an email. When the fink launched, it infected machines and the intruder was able to access the corporate network.
Which testing method did the intruder use?

  • A: social engineering
  • B: eavesdropping
  • C: piggybacking
  • D: tailgating

Question 8

Refer to the exhibit. What information is depicted?

  • A: IIS data
  • B: NetFlow data
  • C: network discovery event
  • D: IPS event data

Question 9
Which type of evidence supports a theory or an assumption that results from initial evidence?

  • A: probabilistic
  • B: indirect
  • C: best
  • D: corroborative

Question 10
Which two elements are assets in the role of attribution in an investigation? (Choose two.)

  • A: context
  • B: session
  • C: laptop
  • D: firewall logs
  • E: threat actor


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