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Exam Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
Number 200-155
File Name Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies.test4prep.200-155.1e.109q.vcex
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Posted November 30, 1999
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Demo Questions

Question 1
When using a Cisco UCS Director, a typical workflow consists of which two items? (Choose two.)

  • A: Resource Manager
  • B: Workflow Designer
  • C: Scheduler
  • D: Activity Planner
  • E: Predefined Tasks

Question 2
Which statement about a bridge domain is true?

  • A: A bridge domain must be linked to one internal network and one external network.
  • B: A bridge domain must be linked to a physical domain.
  • C: A bridge domain typically has at least one subnet that is associated with it.
  • D: A bridge domain must have at least one external network that is associated with it.

Question 3
What are two advantages to running FabricPath in the data center over using Spanning Tree? (Choose two.)

  • A: provides multichassis EtherChannel capabilities
  • B: allows every switch to send BPDUs to each other to ensure the L2 topology is synchronized
  • C: has L2 multipath forwarding capabilities
  • D: uses 802.1q trunks to ensure VLANs are propagated through the topology
  • E: uses TTL field to provide loop mitigation

Question 4
The APIC is responsible for which two processes? (Choose two.)

  • A: network policy configuration
  • B: fabric segmentation
  • C: BGP end-node emulation
  • D: ISL blocking per STP implementation
  • E: switch firmware management

Question 5
Which item in Cisco Unified Computing System is subject to finite state machine validation?

  • A: SNMP get
  • B: server boot
  • C: firmware downloads
  • D: server discovery

Question 6
Which management platform reduces server provisioning time by automatically performing an inventory and deep discovery when new devices are attached?

  • A: UCS Manager
  • B: UCS Server
  • C: CDP Manager
  • D: Enterprise Manager

Question 7
Which two are benefits of Cisco Unified Fabric? (Choose two.)

  • A: SNMPv3 strong authentication
  • B: reduced cabling
  • C: zone port distribution
  • D: consolidation of LAN and SAN over a common transport
  • E: native AES-256 encryption of data in flight

Question 8
A network engineer is migrating the server farm from 1 Gb/s Ethernet connectivity to 10 Gb/s Ethernet connectivity. 
What two Cisco Nexus Fabric Extenders support 10 Gb/s server connectivity? (Choose two.)

  • A: Nexus 2148T
  • B: Nexus 2232PP
  • C: Nexus 2248TP
  • D: Nexus 2248PQ
  • E: Nexus 2224TP

Question 9
Which option is a benefit of Unified Fabric Delivery to an IT organization?

  • A: lower total cost of ownership
  • B: reduced memory requirements
  • C: increased storage capacity
  • D: improved security

Question 10
Which tool organizes workflows to automate simple and complex actions on infrastructure?

  • A: Cisco UCS Manager
  • B: Cisco UCS Director
  • C: Cisco DCNM
  • D: Cisco UCS server


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