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Exam Risk Based Inspection
Number API-580
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Posted February 25, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
RBI may include methodologies to assess the effectiveness of the management systems in maintaining

  • A: Mechanical integrity
  • B: Total asset integrity
  • C: Plant integrity

Question 2
Equipment reliability is especially important if leaks can be caused by

  • A: Secondary failures, such as loss of utilities
  • B: Primary failures such as leak due to severe corrosion
  • C: Tertiary failures due to valve gland packing leak

Question 3
Reliability efforts, such as reliability centered maintenance (REM), can be linked with RBI, resulting in an integrated program to

  • A: Reduce downtime in an operating unit
  • B: Reduce operating time of a unit
  • C: To reduce risk by mitigation activities

Question 4
Loss of containment is

  • A: Loss of fluid to the external environment
  • B: Container loss at the port authority
  • C: Risk related to containers
  • D: B&C

Question 5
______________ to be established to judge acceptability of risk could he an objective of the RBI assessment if such criteria do not exist already within the user's company.

  • A: Risk criteria
  • B: Risk plan
  • C: Risk analysis

Question 6
___________ is usually not the primary objective of a RBI assessment, but it is frequently a side effect of optimization.

  • A: Reducing inspection costs
  • B: Increasing inspection costs
  • C: Increasing frequency of inspection programs

Question 7
When the inspection program is optimized based on an understanding of risk, one or more of the following cost reduction benefits may be realized. Except one

  • A: Ineffective, unnecessary or inappropriate inspection activities may be eliminated
  • B: Effective, necessary or appropriate inspection activities may be eliminated
  • C: On-line or non-invasive inspection methods may be substituted for invasive methods that require equipment shutdown
  • D: More effective infrequent inspections may be substituted for less effective frequent inspections

Question 8
The following are the risks identified by RBI assessment that may be managed by actions other than inspection. Except one

  • A: Modification of the process to eliminate conditions driving the risk
  • B: Modification of operating procedures to avoid situations driving the risk
  • C: Chemical treatment of the process to reduce deterioration rates/susceptibilities
  • D: Identifying and detecting deterioration and predicting future deterioration states with advanced inspection technique(s)

Question 9
For qualitative RBI analysis it is important to establish a set of rules to assure consistency in

  • A: Categorization or classification
  • B: Segregation
  • C: Ranking

Question 10
Generally, a qualitative analysis using broad ranges requires a __________________ from the user than a quantitative approach.

  • A: Higher level of judgment, skill and understanding
  • B: Lower level of judgment, skill and understanding


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